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Control Site Traffic

  • Does facility have controlled means of entrance (single point, multiple entrances, etc..)

  • Once entered facility are there sign-in stations or check points restricting access to employee workstations or production areas

  • Are there controlled measures in place to minimize visitor/contractor access to facility when entering the property – escorted, PPE requirements, etc.…

  • Are the visitors/contractors allowed in the facility purposes mission critical

  • Are employees restricted when entering facility to a staging area.

  • Are temperatures or some form of wellness check being performed prior to working

  • Are visitors/contractors required to fill out wellness check or subject to a screening (temperatures, questionnaire, etc.…) prior to entering facility

  • Are commercial drivers refused entry to the facility and/or their access is limited to the shipping area and kept segregated from staff?

  • Are enhanced hygiene protocols for shipping/receiving areas such as personnel protective gear and enhanced cleaning conducted?

  • Are handwashing/sanitizing stations readily available in common areas?

  • Are all common areas sanitized by staff or outside cleaning agency on a regular basis?

  • Are common areas/breakroom seating reduced in accordance with current social distancing requirements?

  • Are current coronavirus exposure protocols being enforced? These include the following:<br>• Preventing immediate reentry to sites for all returning travelers from outside the normal employee basin<br>• If a test is ordered by a medical professional, are RI DOH guidelines followed with a minimum requirement to reenter of a confirmed virus free test result? https://health.ri.gov/covid/<br>• If test is positive, are the medical professional’s direction and RI DOH guidelines followed to include no reentry? https://health.ri.gov/covid/


  • Are promotional programs around hand washing and other best practices (“Do the 5”) being utilized?

  • Are enhanced cleaning of common touch points (doors, stairwell handle, light switch, time clock’s, surfaces) being conducted?

  • Have increased amounts of soap, hand sanitizer and cleaning materials been procured?

Social Distancing and Reduced Density

  • Are social distancing and reduced density requirements being implemented in accordance with Federal, State and local directives?

  • Have areas/schedules been altered to promote social distancing requirements (e.g. work areas, break rooms, work schedules, breaktimes, or blocations)?

  • If possible, are employees who can telework allowed to do so providing they maintain appropriate levels of safety and support?

  • Are breaks being staggered and seating in break rooms being reduced?

On-Site Emergency Response

  • Upon identification of a suspected coronavirus case, is the individual quarantined in a designated location until health officials can be contacted or the individual can safely return home or to a health facility?

  • Are all staff who come in contact with the individual asked to follow the latest RI DOH health guidelines for exposure?<br>https://health.ri.gov/covid/

  • Are all workspaces contacted by the individual deep cleaned? If so by whom?

Communication to Employees, Community and Customers

  • Are daily updates provided to all staff on the latest facts concerning the virus in our communities, how it impacts the business and their employment being provided?

  • Have chains of communication to enable rapid transmission of information to all staff without large meetings been developed?

  • Have the best practices from the CDC, WHO and RI DOH been promoted across the organization?<br>CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/infection-control/control-recommendations.html<br>WHO: https://www.who.int/<br>RI DOH: https://health.ri.gov/covid/

  • Has a crisis leadership team been formed to collect and respond to concerns from employees and the community?

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