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  • General housekeeping and cleanliness are maintained and rubbish is disposed.

  • Walkways are free from obstructions and not slippery.

  • Arrangements of materials are neat and safe (Proper 5S).

  • Floor is free from any tripping and falling hazards, such as running wire, pipes, loose objects, uneven surface, unfenced edges and unguarded platform.

  • Fire Fighting equipment are not obstructed and in good working condition.

  • Emergency exits and doors are not blocked even partially or temporarily and in good condition.

  • “EXIT” Signs are always lighted and working.

  • No overhead unsecured items are observed.

  • Load rack or shelf not overloaded and sagging. Load rack or shelf not overloaded and sagging.

  • Big or heavy materials stacked at the bottom and small or light on top.

  • Wooden pallets used are not broken and in good condition.

  • Drums and materials stacked are not more than triple layers height (3 pallets).


  • Personnel working wearing required PPE.

  • PPE used are in good condition.

  • Appropriate PPE warning signs are displayed at workstation or stated inside work instruction.

  • PPE issuance record available.

  • Are PPE used and stored properly? (Immediately stop non-conforming activities).


  • No mixture of general waste with scheduled waste.

  • Scheduled wastes are properly segregated with appropriate label.


  • Chemicals and oils stored at designated place with spill containment and spill kit.

  • Gas cylinders are labelled, secured vertically, head valve covered with cap if not in use and stored at designated area.

  • Each chemical/gas bottle, container, cylinders, tanks are clearly label with its name and according to CLASS Reg.2013

  • Each chemical has its individual SDS and the can be obtained near the usage place.

  • SDS is in bi-lingual (Bahasa Malaysia and English), updated and according to CLASS Reg.2013

  • Are the flammable chemical kept far away from the fire or heat/hot resource?

  • Does any warning label available in the storage area to promote the safety attention?

  • Is there any leakage protection (2nd container) when transfer the chemical from one place to another place? (For internal transferring).

  • Eye wash or Shower available and in working condition.

  • Chemical and PPE warning signs are displayed and adequate.


  • All the switches and outlets working properly

  • Plug power points are not overloaded.

  • No visible portion of wire cable and plug in use are melted or burnt.

  • Wiring and temporary cords free from breaks (No apparent leaks, loose connection, etc.)

  • Access to electrical panel not obstructed


  • Tools & equipment provided during the production activity are in good condition.

  • First aid kit replenish, fully equipped and within expiry dates.

  • Lighting is adequate.

  • Only approved knife and safety cutter knife allowed at designated workplace, in good condition and well stored.

  • All powered industrial truck is inspected before start using by operator and in good condition. (Perform pre-inspection checklist)

  • All powered industrial truck is parked with forks resting on the ground, hand brake and key pulled out.

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