• Site address

  • Property type (retail, commercial)

  • Client

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Site contact

  • Property details


  • All questions must be completed , either by selecting yes no or NA. No questions in the audit should be left blank.


  • Safety policy posted and current

  • Form 82, WSIB POSTER / 1-2-3 Poster Posted

  • In Ontario is the Prevention Poster Posted

  • Current copy of OHS Act.

  • Safety procedures developed, reviewed and posted

  • Workplace Violence and harassment assessment conducted

  • Workplace Violence and harassment policy posted and current

  • Working alone assessment conducted?

  • MOL / MOE orders been given to the property since the previous assessment

  • Hazard Assessment Completed (Alberta Only)


  • Training

  • Workplace inspection reports posted and current

  • Last meeting minutes posted

  • Member names posted

Confined space

  • Does the property have confined spaces?

  • Procedure developed

  • Signs posted

  • Assessment completed


  • ACM on site?

  • Survey completed

  • Management plan posted

  • Current assessment available

  • Additional Comments

Fall hazards

  • Trip and fall hazards clearly identified

  • Guarding and railings installed and maintained

  • Access ladders provided

  • Ladders in good condition

  • Comments Fall hazards

First Aid

  • First aid kits maintained (by qualified person where applicable)

  • Are first aid certificates current

  • Eyewash stations maintained ( inspected and expiry date on solution)

  • Comments First Aid



  • Confined space

  • Lockout

  • Fall arrest

  • First aid

  • Others

  • Comments


  • MSDS binder updated, posted and current

  • Janitorial chemicals MSDS posted and current

  • Chemical containers properly labeled

  • Propane storage

  • Comments

Machine guarding

  • Proper guards installed on machines,tools, pumps ..etc.

  • Warning signs in place

  • Comments Machine guarding


  • Maintained

  • Warning signs posted

  • Comments

Reissued deficiencies

  • List total number of reissued deficiencies

Electrical Hazards

Electrical Rooms

  • ESA inspections performed

  • Thermal scanning performed

  • Has an Arc Flash survey been completed? Please add date when.

  • Panel directories maintained?

  • Panels, receptacles and junctions boxes properly covered?

  • Electrical rooms maintained free of storage?

  • Electrical connections properly secured?

  • Fire separation maintained?

  • Fire dampers in electrical rooms not obstructed ?

  • Additional comments

Fire Safety

Fire Safety

  • Select site specific Fire safety equipment

  • Fire extinguishers inspected Annually? Insert annual inspection date

  • Fire extinguishers inspected Monthly?

  • Sprinkler system maintained? Insert annual inspection date

  • Is there a dry sprinkler system?

  • Dry pipe valve tested annually? (control valve not fully open)

  • Dry pipe valve tested every 3 years? (control valve fully open)

  • Fire alarm panel maintained (insert last inspection date)

  • Emergency lights maintained Annually?

  • Emergency lights maintained Monthly ?

  • Exit lights illuminated?

  • Fire exits maintained

  • Fire pumps inspected ? Weekly

  • Fire hose maintained? Monthly & Annual

  • Fire hose cabinet properly identified (wet & dry ) signage installed?

  • Pull stations inspected as per code requirements.

  • Fire plan approved and reviewed? Insert date

  • Fire drill performed ? Insert date

  • Sprinkler spare cabinet - sufficient spare & wrench

  • Fire hydrants flow tested?

  • Siamese connections capped and maintained ??

  • Kitchen fire suppression system maintained?

  • Fire stop maintained ?

  • Is the back flow attached to the sprinkler system inspected annually

  • Additional comments


  • Does the property have roof anchors

  • Current roof anchor inspection report posted.

  • Anchor drawings posted

  • Any equipment located close to edge of the roof?

  • Provide details

  • Safety cages installed on ladder as per code?

  • Cooling tower ladder meets code?

  • Roof hatch grab bar requirement?

  • Access ladders installed as per code requirement?

  • Additional comments

Elevator Room

  • Does the property have Elevators?

  • Type of Elevator

  • Number of hydraulic elevators

  • Number of Cable elevators

  • Current License posted ?

  • Machine guarding completed?

  • Car top guarding?

  • Fire extinguisher located in or near machine room?

  • Load beam rated for maximum capacity?

  • Machine room maintained free of storage ?

  • Machine room access controlled?

  • Maintenance logs current and updated?

  • Fire recall test completed if applicable (FEO)

  • Additional comments


  • Does the property have escalators?

  • Number of escalators

  • Daily start up logs maintained ?

  • Current License posted ?

  • Maintenance logs updated?

  • Are all markings and labels posted on the escalators

  • Additional comments

Emergency Generator room

  • Does the property have emergency generator's<br><br><br><br>

  • Type of generator?

  • Tenant generator

  • Number of generators

  • Weekly / monthly tests performed? Check logs

  • Annual load bank test performed ? Insert date

  • Fuel purification for diesel tank conducted ? Insert date

  • Emergency light installed in generator room?

  • Hearing protection warning sign installed on door?

  • Machine guarding completed ?

  • The tank and fuel lines labelled / identified

  • Generator located outside ( not in enclosed room)

  • Additional Comments

Boiler / Mechanical room

Boiler & Mechanical rooms

  • Does the property have Boilers?

  • Type

  • Number of boilers on site

  • Current BPV inspection certificate posted

  • Pumps/compressors/fans properly guarded?

  • MSDS is current and clearly posted?

  • Eyewash & first aid maintained ?

  • Chemical tanks properly labelled ?

  • CO detectors installed and maintained

  • Access to exits maintained ?

  • Exit lights illuminated ?

  • Additional comments

Lifting equipment

  • Are there lifting equipment on site owned by property management?

  • Type

  • Current annual inspection report available?

  • Pre_start inspections performed?

  • Operator training current?

  • Fall arresting harness available and maintained ?



  • Are there any pools / hot tubs / spas on site

  • Types

  • Is the pool owned by the tenant or property?

  • Is the pool contractor or property managed

  • Pool chemicals used on site and properly stored

  • MSDS available for the pool chemicals and are current

  • Is pool piping correctly colour coded

  • Are water tests regularly taken and documented

  • Is an emergency phone and contact list available and inspected

  • Required signage posted - including in lifeguard on duty (if applicable)

  • Emergency rescue equipment present and inspected (this includes first aid kits)

  • Are all pool markings and labels in place

  • Additional Comments



  • Is there a playground / play area / rides

  • Are regular inspections performed and documented

  • Additional Comments



  • Is this section applicable

Air Emissions

  • Are there any air emissions requiring government approval


  • Any hazardous chemicals on site

  • Are chemicals properly stored


  • Is any hazardous waste generated on site

  • Is the hazardous waste properly stored and labelled

  • Does the property have a hazardous waste generator number

Water Management

  • Domestic water back flow devices tested

  • Any water leaks or staining observed on site (includes ceiling tiles)

  • Drinking water test for lead (schools)


  • Any mould observed on site


  • Is lead suspected or known to be present in the building

  • Are there any areas with peeling or damaged paint

Storage Tanks

  • Are there any storage tanks on site (AST / UST)

  • Type

  • Select from range

  • Tank Details
  • Tank Information

  • Spill kits located near storage tanks

  • Spill procedure available and posted


  • Additional Comments


Schools Only Section

  • Is this section applicable

Lab Safety

  • Is there a chemistry lab or classroom on site

  • Are lab chemicals properly stored and labelled

  • Are MSDS available and current

  • Are fume hoods regularly inspected and report / tag available

  • Are eyewash stations / showers present and inspected/tested

Gym Safety

  • Is there a gym / fitness room on site

  • How many

  • Please list the equipment

  • Is the equipment on a maintenance schedule and records kept

Sports Field

  • Is equipment maintained

  • Is the field regularly inspected for hazards


  • Equipment (I.e. zamboni) inspected and maintained

  • Chemicals properly stored and labelled

  • MSDS available and current


  • Are curtains fire retardant - report or tag

  • Is there a catwalk or protection for the lighting


  • Additional Comments

The templates available in our Public Library have been created by our customers and employees to help get you started using SafetyCulture's solutions. The templates are intended to be used as hypothetical examples only and should not be used as a substitute for professional advice. You should seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of a template is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction. You should independently determine whether the template is suitable for your circumstances.