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Project Management

  • Does the project have a safety and quality plan?

  • Does the project have an environmental management plan?

  • Does the project have a human resource management plan - if applicable?

  • Ensure project plans reflect the terms and conditions of the contract.

Safe Method's of Work

  • Are standard operating procedures used and reviewed by employees?

  • In the absence of a standard operating procedure are JSA's used to develop a safe method of work?

  • Are JSA'S developed and reviewed by employees/contractors?

  • Are Take-5's being used to control hazards?

  • Ensure there is a safety method of work in place for all activities.

Personnel Protective Equipment

  • Does the site have a supply of PPE for ready use by employees?

  • Are items of PPE kept In a hygienic state?

  • Does available PPE meet the Australian standard?

  • Are sun protection items and sun screen available?

  • Does the site comply with the ROCK Australia clothing standard?

Risk Management

  • Is there a risk register or risk assessment for the job/project

  • Is the approved risk matrix being used to assess risk

  • Are risks being controlled using the hierarchy of controls

  • Are hazards outside our direct control being reviewed and assessed

  • Does the site have a process for ensuring hazard controls are in place and working?

Legislative Compliance

  • Is there a copy of the relevant legislation available for review

Emergency Preparedness

  • Does the site/project have any emergency management procedures?

  • Are employees aware of emergency procedures? (S-IMS 012)

  • Are Emergency phone numbers displayed?

  • Is there an emergency alarm and muster point?

  • Has an emergency drill been conducted?

  • Do employees/contractors know what to do in an emergency?

  • Is there a means of escape in an emergency?

  • Is there a qualified senior first aid person on site?

  • Are fire extinguishers available and accessible? (S-OHS 032)

  • Has fire equipment been inspected?

  • Have employees been trained in the use of fire fighting appliances?

  • Where chemicals are used is there access to an eyewash station or shower? (S-OHS 038)

  • Are first aid boxes available and stocked and is there a process for regular inspection and re-stocking?

Induction, Education and Training

  • Have all employees been through a ROCK Australia induction?

  • Have contractors been through a ROCK Australia induction? (S-IMS 017)

  • Have employees and contractors been trained and assessed in their job function/equipment?

  • Are training records and certificates available?

  • Have employees reviewed all standard operating procedures?

  • Does the site supervisor/manager have access to QEST and can they access standard operating procedures?

  • Are contractors aware of ROCK procedures and have they reviewed them?

Communication, Engagement and Consultation.

  • Are Toolbox meetings held at least once per month? (S-IMS 004)

  • Are per-start meetings held to discuss daily SQE issues?

  • Is there a staff notice board with SQE information on display?

  • Have any community and environmental complaints been recorded?

Project Documentation

  • Is project documentation easily accessible?

  • Are project documents up to date?

Confined Space Entry

  • Does the site have any confined spaces?

  • Does the site have an approved process for confined space entry?

Workplace Inspections

  • Has a monthly site inspection been conducted?

  • Has the site completed a six monthly inspection?

  • Have actions been noted and completed?

  • Are action times realistic?

  • Is there a good level of housekeeping evident?

  • Are areas being kept free of litter and wind blown waste?

  • Is equipment checked and being maintained in good condition?

  • Have slings and lifting gear been checked and stored correctly? (S-OHS 046)

  • Has contractor equipment been managed as per rock standards?

Working at height

  • Are people working at height - check that controls are in place to manage the risk of falling?

  • Are equipment and tools tied off to protect people working in the area?

  • Fall arrest/restraint equipment used and inspected?

  • Ladders in use meet the Australian standard and are regularly inspected?

  • Ladders are tied off when in use?

On-boarding and medicals

  • Have pre-employment medicals and functional assessments been conducted on all employees?

  • Does the site/project have a new employee orientation process and is it routinely used?

Incident Reporting

  • Has the site/project recorded any incidents or injuries?

  • Does the site/project have access to report incidents in QEST?

  • Has incident root cause been identified?

  • Review recent incident reports - Have they been closed with all actions completed?


  • Have daily work sheets been completed and signed off by the supervisor/client?

  • Have site reporting obligations been met?

  • ITP's completed where required?

Hazardous Materials

  • Is there a hazardous materials register in place for the site/project?

  • Is there signage for the storage of chemicals?

  • Are MSDS's available and in date? (S-OHS 031)

  • Are contractor MSDS's available and in date?

  • Are manufacturers labels clearly marked on containers?

  • Are gas bottles stored correctly - used/unused and chained?

  • Are chemicals stored correctly according to their class?

Equipment Isolation

  • Are out of service, danger and information tags easily accessible?

  • Are tags/locks used for isolating plant and equipment during maintenance or pre-start? (S-OHS 036)


  • Are residual current devices RCD's in place at the site/project?

  • Has electrical equipment been checked and tagged? (S-OHS 037)

  • Electrical leads used where appropriate?

  • Are approved stands used to raise electrical leads off the floor?

  • Is fixed equipment earthed where appropriate?

  • Are overhead power lines given safe work limits and signage? (S-OHS 039)


  • Have excavations been given a permit to dig?

  • Are work permits kept on a register?

  • Are hot work permits used?


  • Are sources of radiation monitored and is training provided for the safety of employees?

Manual Handling

  • Are correct manual handling techniques used? (S-OHS 041)

  • Are mechanical lifting devices available?

  • Are bulk materials ordered in manageable weights?


  • Is guarding in place on all plant and machinery? (S-OHS 042)

  • Is there evidence of guarding being removed and not replaced?


  • Is there adequate lighting in place in work areas?

Pedestrian & Vehicle Interaction

  • Does the site have a traffic management plan?

  • Are vehicles moving at a safe speed? (S-OHS 045)

  • Is vehicle movement on site controlled?

  • Is there a pedestrian walkway in place?

Vehicle Pre-start

  • Are documented vehicle pre- starts conducted?

  • Are defects from inspections repaired in a timely manner?

  • Are vehicles in good order?


  • Are records for calibration available?

  • Is there evidence that equipment is being routinely calibrated?

SOAP Form's

  • SOAP form received and in the job file? (QA S-IMS 016)


  • Does the site have a process for goods inward and outward? (S-IMS 011)

  • Is there a quarantine area and is it maintained for good order?

  • Are purchase orders completed as per procedure? (S-IMS 007)


  • Are weeds present in the area?

  • Are erosion and sediment controls well maintained?

  • Are there any avoidance sites adjacent to the work area - are these sites clearly delineated?

  • Is there adequate dust control in place?

  • Is there adequate control over wash down activities in the work area?

  • Are waste, recycling, water and energy receipts filed and reported?

  • Are all batteries stored in bunds?

  • Are all hydrocarbons stored in bunds?

  • Is contaminated earth being disposed of correctly?

  • Are all controlled waste records available and being reported?

  • Are all containers and drums carrying hydrocarbons labeled?

  • Is there evidence of hydrocarbon spills?

  • Is there a process for cleaning up spills?

  • Are drip trays used underneath plant and equipment?

  • Are spill kits available?

  • Are spill kits fully stocked?

  • Are wastes being collected?

  • Is there an approved method for waste disposal?

  • Is there a process in place for recycling?

  • Are landfill bins free from contaminated waste?

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