Environment and Climate

  • 1. Maintains appearance and organization: All ROCK areas are clean and prepared for activities, including checkout.

  • 2. Proper ROCK uniforms worn by all ROCK staff members.

  • 3. Greets students upon arrival and welcomes them with enthusiasm.

  • 4. Explains activities to youth.

  • 5. Models activities for youth.

  • 6. Checks for understanding before continuing with activity.

  • 7. Monitors external visitors.

  • 8. Adheres to ratio requirements.

  • 9. Monitors bathroom and water breaks appropriately.

  • 10. Keeps track of and monitors students in extra-curricular activities.


  • 11. Follows ROCK Guidelines for taking attendance and keeping students information confidential.

  • 12. Maintains IA/SC notebooks with up-to-date rosters, daily schedule, snack menu, health info, emergency contact #s, incident/behavior reports, school map

  • 13. Ensures that students and staff are wearing name tags and the name tags are visible.

  • 14. Adheres to confidentiality of participants' behavior and health records.

  • 15. Reviews playground and gym rules/expectations and check students understanding of the rules/expectations.

  • 16. Assures building is locked and secured.

  • 17. Keeps students in line of sight and sound at all times.

  • 18. Knows the location of the AEDs, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, and fully stocked first aid kit.

  • 19. Conducts fire, tornado and lock down drills regularly. Times and dates of all drills are posted on the ROCK trifold board.

  • 20. Able to identify students with health and behavioral issues.

Discipline: Love and Logic

  • 21. Implements Love and Logic discipline techniques appropriately.

  • 22. Models a respectful tone and voice.

  • 23. Models empathy.

  • 24. Praises students that are on task and making good choices.

  • 25. Models appropriate respect and manners for students. (please, thank you, etc.)

  • 26. Listens to children and maintains eye contact.

  • 27. Reviews and posts daily schedule.

  • 28. Posts ROCK rules and expectations where students can see them. Reviews ROCK rules and expectations prior to each transition.

  • 29. Check students understanding of ROCK rules and expectations after they are reviewed.

  • 30. Give students weekly leadership responsibilities, taught to clean up after themselves and be self sufficient.


  • 31. Monitors students effectively: walking around area, redirecting and engaging students during snack -- homework -- recess -- brainwaves -- gym -- computer lab -- board walk -- hallway

  • 32. Establishes bathroom/water break routine. Students know the routine and expectations.

  • 33. Adheres to daily schedule.

  • 34. Ensures that transitions are smooth and quiet: stopping points, line leaders and door holders are utilized.

  • 35. Uses proper positioning to keep students in line of sight.

  • 36. Uses appropriate transition techniques/attention getters effectively.

  • 37. Monitors activities and modifies each activity appropriately according to students skill level.

  • 38. Greets parents at the door, IDs are checked and the parent is updated with their child's daily progress.

  • 39. Recognizes participants for positive behavior and making responsible decisions/choices.

  • 40. Maintains communication log, injury reports, behavior forms and ensures the forms are utilized appropriately and consistently.

Site Coordinator Responsibilites

  • 41. Communicates effectively and efficiently with school staff, ROCK staff and supervisors.

  • 42. Prepares the staff and curriculum or the daily activities prior to students arrival.

  • 43. Cross trained the ROCK staff and delegates duties.

  • 44. Meets with staff at the end of each day to discuss the day's events/issues.

  • 45. Displays initiative to learn/improve skills related to ROCK program. Ask for help from LSC, colleagues or campus personnel (computer tech, observe a Master Teacher, etc.).

  • 46. Attends all meetings, training and picks up supplies on time.

  • 47. Keeps track of staff payroll and turns them into Leslie on time.

  • 48. Keeps computer lab, gym and other areas utilized by ROCK clean and organized.

  • 49. Communicates upcoming ROCK activities with parents via newsletter and/or flyers.

  • 50. Participates in and facilitates student activities as well as ensures the ROCK staff participate and engage in activities with the students.

  • Summary Highlights:

  • Focus points:

Rating & Results

  • Each standard is weighted as:
    Always = 4 points
    Mostly = 3 points
    Sometimes = 2 points
    Rarely = 1

    A score of 155-200 = Exceeds expectations
    A score of 126-154 = Meets standards
    A score of 0-125 = Needs improvement

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