• Site Address:
  • Attendance Date/Time:

  • Owner/Tenant Name:

  • Photo of the facade:


  • House Level:

  • House Design:

  • Roof Design:

  • If other please list:

  • Roof Material:

  • If other please specify:

  • Is Sarking/Sislation present:

  • Photo of Sarking/Sislation:

  • What is the roof pitch:

  • Has the roof had previous restoration works conducted:

  • If yes, provide details:

  • Estimated age of roofing material:

  • Picture of roofing (general)

Damage and Causation

  • Generally list damages being claimed by the insured:

  • What is the insured suggesting is the cause of the damage:

  • Is there any evidence of storm created openings:

  • If yes provide photos:

  • Is there evidence of wind driven rain:

  • If yes provide photos:

  • Is there evidence of impact damage resulting from hail:

  • If yes provide photos:

  • Has any recent events occurred relative to the claim?

  • If yes, please specify:

  • Has there been any recent alterations or additions to the property/roof that has impacted:

  • If Yes, please specify:

  • Are there any maintenance issues contributing to the resultant damage:

  • If yes, list maintenance items:

  • If yes, provide photos:

  • Are the gutters a contributing factor in the resultant damage:

  • Are the numbers of downpipes satisfactory (max 13m between and considering the roof area):

  • Provide photos:

  • Comments:

  • Are any permanent fixtures present to the roof that will impact repairs:

  • If yes, list items: (ie solar panels)

  • If yes, provide photos:


  • List Recommendations based on the above:

  • Can repairs be warranted? If no, list reasoning:

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