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  • Wing & room

  • Date Clean conducted

  • Person completing the clean


  • Check room for Repairs, ceiling lights, vents & painting required and lodge action for Dennis

  • Remove Curtains (if curtains have been hanging for more than 6 months send to Dry cleaners) if not steam and wipe down with covid wipes

  • Clean Curtain Rails

  • Wash all window frames and fly screen including windowsil

  • Spray all tiles in Bathroom with bleach and let it sit while you clean the bedroom

  • Wash bed and mattress including to wash the frame and base of the bed

  • Wash the inside and out side of all cupboards including bed side draws with bleach

  • wash all doors and door frames with covid wipes

  • Clean light fittings and sockets

  • Shampoo Vaccum and or mop Bedroom floors

  • put back furniture


  • Remove shower curtain and wipe down all rails with bleach

  • clean cupboards inside and out with covid wipes

  • spray glass cleaner on mirror and chrome surfaces wipe down with clean cloth

  • spray sink down with beach and scrub plug ensuring to remove hair Dry with paper towel

  • Clean bins inside and out ensuring they are dried

  • Spray and clean glove holder, soap holder, shower taps

  • spray and scrub toilet ensuring to hose it down and dry with paper towels (use Bleach)

  • scrub bathroom tiles and hose down and mop excess water off the floor

Name of person completing the vacate clean

  • Name:

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