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  • Location

Kitchen Area:

  • Are all electrical cords and power points out of reach from children ?

  • Recommendations,

  • Are electrical equipment or power points visually damaged ?

  • Recommendations,

  • Are ovens ( including microwave ) out of reach ?

  • Recommendations,

  • Are oven hood filters clean from oil / grease build up ?

  • Recommendations,

  • Are large items at height secure and prevented from falling ?

  • Recommendations,

  • During cooking, are back rings used before front rings ?

  • Recommendations,

  • Are sharp objects (.i.e. Knives) and plastic bags ( knotted ) stored in save locations ?

  • Recommendations,

  • Are cleaning products and other chemicals / poisons accessible to children ?

  • Recommendations,

  • Is there a fire extinguisher / fire blanket available and easily located ?

  • Recommendations,

  • Are flammable items stored away from cooking area ?

  • Recommendations,

  • Is the dishwasher or rubbish bin accessible to children ?

  • Recommendations,

  • Has a table got sharp corners / edges or is table cloths (runners) used ?

  • Recommendations,

  • Is a high chair used and fitted with a harness ?

  • Recommendations,

  • Home Safety Plan - Recommendations,

Bathroom / Toilets / Laundry Areas

  • Detail number of areas assessed

  • Select from range

  • Temperature of hot water not above 50*C?

  • Are bath and sink plugs kept within reach of child?

  • medications and cleaning products accessible?

  • Electrical appliances and sockets accessible to children ?

  • Baths fitted with non-slip surface?

  • Taps fitted over bath?

  • Laundry dryer lint cleaned regularly?

  • Toilet seat lid securable?

  • Glass tempered or fitted with shatter resistant film?

Living Areas - including Access Ways & Stairways

  • Has furniture ( Glass Tables ) got sharp corners or edges?

  • Are blinds and curtain cords (or other) out of reach?

  • Can large heavy items fall over ( pulled over ) from heights?

  • Are draws / press doors accessible to be used to climb?

  • Is glass fitted in windows / doors / furniture safety glass or shatter proof film?

Bedrooms / Rumpus Rooms

Balconies / Verandas

Outdoor Areas - Gardens, Play Areas & Driveways

Garage / Sheds


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