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Dry Storage

  • Storage temperature is in the range of 50°F to 59°F

  • Storage area is well lit and with adequate air circulation

  • Storage area is dry and cool

  • Storage area is clean and free from rodents and vermin

  • Storage area is free of poison (cleaning products and chemicals)

  • Storage area has a lock and key

  • Stored foods are placed off the floor, away from the walls and away from direct sources of heat and sunlight

Refrigerated Storage

  • Refrigerator temperature is 39°F (4°C) or colder temperature

  • Refrigerator temperature is monitored and recorded

  • Refrigerator is in good working condition

  • Refrigerator is clean and free of spills and expired foods

  • Refrigerator has a good seal and closes tightly

  • Refrigerator products are stored in containers or sealed in storage bags

  • Dairy products are kept in a separate area and stored in protective coverings/container

Freezer Storage

  • Freezer temperature is 0°F or below

  • Freezer has enough open, slotted shelving

  • Freezer has a good seal and closes tightly

  • Frozen goods like meat and baked goods are tightly wrapped with foil before placing in freezer bags

  • Food is stored in freezer safet containers or freezer bags

  • Label and date are indicated on freezer bags or containers


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