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  • Safety Gemba Walk

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  • Location
  • Personnel

  • What line are you inspecting this week?


  • Are employees wearing proper PPE (glasses, gloves, mittens, facemask, ear plugs, safety shoes etc..) And wearing properly?

  • Is there a clear and open path to the closest fire exit and any fire protection equipment in the area (i.e. fire extinguishers, sprinkler control valves).

  • Are the fire exit signs well lit?

  • Are mops, brooms, dust pans etc.. hung up, and is floor free of clutter and trip hazards?

  • Are there any unnecessary or obsolete items in the immediate work area?

  • Is the area clean and free from unnecessary debris (glass, trash, grease, water, rags, etc...)

  • Are all chemicals on, or around, the line clearly marked and identified by name and the safety pictogram?

  • From a 5S perspective, what stands out as positive and what, if anything, stands out as negative on this line?

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