Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Are steel-toed safety shoes with metatarsal guards are being worn as required?

  • Is eye protection (safety glasses/weld helmet/goggles) necessary for the job function being used as required?

  • Are ear plugs/muffs/OSHA Approved Ear Buds being used (excluding Depot)?

  • Is respiratory protection being used and stored as required?


  • Is the area from excessive lifting, awkward positions, excessive overhead reach and excessive bending and twisting?


  • Are carts and bins free from being overloaded?

  • Is emergency equipment (fire extinguishers, eye wash stations and spill stations) accessible, have signage, functioning, up to date on inspections, and ready for immediate use?

  • Are the eye wash stations functioning and clean?

  • Is all material stored without overhanging the racks?

  • Are all trash cans and hoppers empty or beneath the top?

  • Is the area free from any trip hazards?

  • Is the area free from any spills or slick spots?

  • Is the area open without any congestion?

  • Are all secondary containers are labelled and legible?

  • Is the area free from any permanent extension cords?

  • Are all tools not in use stored properly?

  • Are insides and tops of flammable paint cabinets free from other flammable materials (paper, plastic, cardboard)?

Tools, equipment and machines

  • Are ladders and platforms free from damage, equal in riser height and not slippery?

  • Is the area free from any loose or frayed air lines and hoses?

  • Are lifting straps in good condition (If no, turn in to Tool Crib for replacement)?

  • Are all guards are secure and without damage?

  • Do all machines have proper LOTO instructions?

  • Are electrical wiring and boxes free from any damage or issues?

  • Is all material handling equipment in good working order?

Forklift Operations

  • Is the forklift driver wearing their seatbelt?

  • Does the forklift drivers use their horn at intersections?

Questions for Employees

  • Do you know your rally point for for fires and inclement weather?

  • Do you know where the nearest emergency exit is?

  • Do you know where the nearest fire extinguisher is?

  • Do you know where the nearest eye wash station is?

  • Do you know where the SDS is and how to use it?

  • Are all of your tools in good working condition?

  • Do you have your forklift license and is it valid? (Show)

  • Do you know where to find the accident/near miss forms?

  • Does your E-stop work and has it been tested?

  • Do you know where the nearest pull station for evacuation is?

  • Do you know where the button for inclement weather is?

  • Do you know where the hazard assessment is and if it is updated?

  • Do you know where the closest spill control station is?

Questions for Auditors

  • Have notes been made for all questions answered with a "no" response?

  • When necessary, have maintenance work orders been submitted?

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