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  • 1. All chemicals and cleaning products are properly labeled.

  • 2. All chemical containers are capped.

  • 3. If bleach is present in the building, safety committee properly authorized it.

  • 4. Chemical cleaning products are stored below eye level. (5 feet)

  • 5. Storage closets/areas are clean and organized.

  • 6. Vacuums, buffers, brute barrels, maid carts and ladders are in good working order.

  • 7. Heavy supplies are stored below shoulder level.


  • 8. When carrying trash, crew members avoid contact with the body.<br>(carry in a manner that will not allow needle punctures, cuts, etc. from objects protruding through plastics.)

  • 9. Employees use items other than hands or feet to pack trash (small trash cans).

  • 10. Brute barrels are drilled (with wheels) or tipped over (without wheels) before trash is removed.


  • 11. All connections are made with dry feet and hands.

  • 12. All equipment is disconnected prior to cleaning or adjusting and no equipment is left running and unattended.

  • 13. Only UL approved extension cords are in use and are stored properly.

  • 14. Equipment is checked properly for dust build-up around electrical motors (electrical hazards).

  • 15. All plugs are grounded (3-prong).

  • 16. Employees are pulling plugs out of the wall by the plug, not by the cord.

  • 17. Electrical equipment switches are in good operating conditions.

  • 18. Crew Members demonstrated good lifting techniques.


  • 19. Employees have been instructed not to use elevators to exit the building during a fire.

  • 20. All aisle way to emergency exits are clear and unobstructed.

  • 21. Employees have been shown the nearest and alternative emergency escape routes.

  • 22. Emergency numbers are clearly displayed and all employees know where they are located.


  • 23. Back support belts have been issued to all appropriate personnel and employees are wearing them properly. (Optional)

  • 24. Employees are utilizing proper safety equipment for designated jobs.

  • 25. Wet floor signs and barricade tape are being used properly.

  • 26. Employees are wearing proper footwear (No shoes with leather soles, high heels or exposed portions of the foot).


  • 27. Material Safety Data Sheets are readily available.

  • 28. Employees know where MSDS's are located and UNDERSTAND them.<br>


  • 29. All employees are properly uniformed and I.D. badges are clearly displayed.

  • 30. When in office suites, employees are working behind locked doors.

  • 31. Building keys are issued and SIGNED OUT/ SIGNED IN by the cleaning crew.

  • 32. Unauthorized family members or friends are not present in the building.


  • 33. Floor meets minimum co-efficient of friction standards. (Slip meter testing)


  • 34. All eligible crew members are playing Safety Bingo

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