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  • Conducted on January 9th, 2013

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  • Forklift Safety Training
    Ronnie trained on the proper Safety Techniques for Forklift and Pallet Jack. Focus is to try and lower the amount of injuries for SK California. Total for 2012: Select 45 and Sk 10

  • 16150 East Stephens Street
  • 01/09/2013

  • Christine Gonzales

  • Introduce the New Card to Safety Captain Members

  • Jesse: Question -What was the highest injury cause: It was slip and Falls. Next Strains, lacerations Forklift Incidents were high. Provide details to Management on Injuries.

  • Lucila: Recommended that an employee purchase better shoes. The employee thanked me after he purchased non-slip shoes. Christian 300 Pallet Puller New Hire : Please do not do push ups while on company time. We do not want you to get hurt. Tortilla Line: Line 2. There were two steps that were taken out. For the anyone it would be hard to reach. Line 1: The ladies no longer want to go up to the top second floor. To clean the Fast Back the person cleaning has to fast back close to the edge. They feel uncomfortable and unsafe when they have to step up to the stairs. Rail is too low.

  • Hernandez In front of 300 the pallet pullers tend to leave their instead of putting them on the side. This gives no space for the forklift to travel through. Employee do not respect rail or the horn. Kenny: Mirror in dock it not positioned correctly. Very hard gage traffic by its location. Employee entrance no mirror.

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