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  • Are floors free of standing water, oil, debris, or other slip, trip or fall hazards?

  • Are all pallet jacks properly stowed? (Forks under pallet)

  • Are safety eyewashes readily accessible? Clean?

  • Tools, equipment, and materials properly stored when not in use?

  • Material/Totes stored in tiers or stacks so that the material is secure and can not fall?

  • Waste materials stored in appropriate containers and disposed of safely? (Haz Waste, Non-Haz Waste, Flammables)

  • Are stairs clear of debris?

  • Are individual workstations clean, orderly and in good repair? No slip, trip, fall hazards?

Exit Routes

  • Are exit doors and routes unblocked, accessible, and unobstructed?

Fire Protection

  • Are fire extinguishers hung and unblocked (36")?

  • Flammable material stored in Flammable storage cabinet?

  • Are Flammable storage cabinets free from material stored on top of them?

Do Employees know?

  • Where the nearest fire extinguisher is?

  • Where the nearest fire alarm pull station is?

  • Where the nearest exit is?

  • Where their secondary exit is?

  • Do employees know where the evacuation rally point is located?

  • Where the Emergency Stop button is on their machine?

  • Do employees know how and when to report an injury?

  • Does the employee know how to get a copy of the current SDS?

  • Do employees know the proper waste receptical for waste in their area? (Haz/Non-Haz Waste Bins, Flammables, Scrap Barrels, etc.)

Machine Guarding/Lockout Tagout

  • Are light curtain inspections completed?

  • Are the guards secured in place, during operation?

  • Are LOTO/alternate procedures posted and clearly visible?

  • If guards are missing, is machine properly locked out to prevent unintentional startup?

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Are employees wearing required PPE properly:

  • Is PPE chart for operation being followed by employees?

  • Safety glasses properly donned?

  • Hearing protection is worn correctly?

  • Respirators worn correctly?

  • Goggles or face shields used appropriately?

  • Protective clothing in good repair?

  • Are safety toe shoes in good condition and are laced properly?

Material Handling Equipment

  • Are cables, chains, slings and below-the-hook lifting devices in good condition and tagged?

  • Are hoist/crane inspections completed?

  • Is forklift daily inspection completed?

  • Are forklift operators wearing seatbelts where applicable?


  • Are hand tools in good repair?

  • Are power cords on tools in good condition?

  • Bench Grinder - is the grinding wheel work rest within 1/8 inch and tongue guard within 1/4 inch of wheel?


  • Are extension cords being used for temporary use only? And are ground plugs present?

  • Are electrical devices properly enclosed to prevent shock from incidental contact? (Missing knockouts?)

  • Are electrical panels clear of storage (36")


  • Are tanks/containers properly labeled?

  • Are acids, caustics, and chemicals stored correctly?


  • Are employees using proper utility knives (Ceramic & Self Retracting)

  • Are compressed air nozzles restricted to < 30 psi?

  • Are compressed air relief ports unblocked? (Located on the side of the air nozzle)


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The templates available in our Public Library have been created by our customers and employees to help get you started using SafetyCulture's solutions. The templates are intended to be used as hypothetical examples only and should not be used as a substitute for professional advice. You should seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of a template is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction. You should independently determine whether the template is suitable for your circumstances.