Location of observation

Ramp Observations

All equipment outside Clearance Lines during Aircraft Movement?

Was FOD Pickup observed during Arrival/Departure Process?

Beltloader handrail up during the use of A319/A320/B757/B767/B777/A330?

Was unsecured equipment observed pointing at aircraft?

Arrival/Departure Walk-around conducted?

Agents observed walking between conveyances, over cart tongues or over tow-bars?

Failure to provide "chocks-in" signal?

Agents observed using 2-inch Clearance in Narrow-Body Bins?

Was proper chock removal process observed? (push-back driver has headset on AND is sitting on Jet-tug)

Are Chocks and Cones being used properly?

Agent observed riding on Container Loader Platform (up or down when they should use the Container Loader Ladder) ?

Wing-walkers observed on roadway for arrival/departure?

GSE Staged after use?

Damaged ULD being used on Departure flight?

Damaged Transporter being used?

Use Picture for damaged Transporter or damaged ULD...ensure you take picture of transporter/ULD number plus the defect. May use for any other concern as well.

What gate was being observed?

Baggage Safety Items

If you see transporter or ULD issue, write where issue was: T4Ramp/T2Ramp/Bagroom/Transfers

Are Seat-belts being used while driving or exiting bag-room (This may include Ramp)?

Seat-belt observation: describe ramp or baggage team

Are agents observed transporting baggage on tugs?

Baggage observed on transporters (not inside of ULD's of carts)?

Safety Vest observed on tug?

Be specific about vest observation. Mark as Ramp/Bag-room/Transfers + location.

General Behavior

Observed agent without Safety Vest in designated area?

What area without vest?

Observed electronic device being used in operation?

Where was device used?

Add Comments or concerns. Or add something that was a Safety Observation that you want to highlight

You are complete?