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Executive Summary

  • Business BUN GM RBM RD Persons seen

Bin yard

  • Is waste & waste oil stored satisfactorily?

  • Is team member smoking policy in place?

  • Is bin area clean & tidy?

Bar & Glasswash

  • Is day dotting / labelling satisfactory?

  • Are all products in date?

  • Has fruit been sanitised?

  • Is bar shelving, matting & floor clean?

  • Is glass wash machine clean?

  • Is ice machine clean? Is scoop stored in clean sanitiser solution?

  • Is cloth policy being followed?


  • Is PPE available?

  • Is there a safe walkway between kegs?

  • Are gas cylinders secured?

  • Are all products in date & rotated?

  • Is cellar clean & tidy?

Team areas

  • Are team WC's clean & WHB's fully stocked?

  • Are clean uniforms & personal clothing segregated?

  • Is changing room clean & tidy?

  • Is laundry room clean & tidy?

  • Is tumble dryer free from lint & poster displayed?

  • Are cleaning cloths being disposed of & not laundered?


  • Are WHB's clean & fully stocked?

  • Are team members in correct uniform?

  • Is dishwasher clean & operating at correct temp?

  • Is all food covered, labelled correctly and in date?

  • Is all food temperature controlled?

  • Are all raw products stored below cooked / RTE?

  • Is all equipment clean?

  • Are floor wall junctions & under equipment clean?

  • Are hand contact points clean?

  • Are chopping boards in good condition & stored correctly<br>

  • Are knives stored correctly?

  • Is a raw prep area in operation & understood?

  • Is all raw prep PPE available & in use?

  • Is PPE for D9 available & in good condition?

  • Are correct coloured cloths & equipment in use?

  • Have products been decanted from external packaging?

  • Is all glass stored on lowest shelf?

  • Have all opened dry goods been decanted into airtight containers?

  • Is all food off the floor in the freezer?

  • No in house freezing taking place?

  • Are cook matrices overwritten & displayed?

  • Is all equipment in good condition & well maintained?

  • Are there 2 robust probes & probe wipes available and being used?

Working Practices

  • Has good hand washing & hygiene been observed?<br><br>

  • Correct use of coloured tongs, boards, knives, cloths to control e-coli?<br>

  • No cross contamination risks identified?

  • Are roast joint cooking procedures being followed?

  • Grill mapping is in operation & understood<br>

Fire Safety / H&S

  • No significant hazards identified / no repairs required

  • Are fire escape routes clear & fire doors not locked or propped open?

  • Is boiler room free of any storage?

  • Is fire evacuation pack available?

  • Are fire extinguishers at location points and serviced in last 12 months?

  • Are evacuation notices displayed at call points?

DD Paperwork

  • Business DD folder in good order?

  • Last NSF action plan completed?

  • Risk Assessment folder in good order?

  • COSHH folder in good order?

  • MITIE recommendations carried out? Any pest activity being well managed?

  • Kitchen DD in good order?

  • Sham & deck DD in good order? Carvery brands only

  • RBM checks completed?

  • Last EHO visit & score

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  • E-mail back to safety team once all actions have been completed at :-

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