• Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Document No.

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

Site Details

  • Site / Project Name

  • Use this audit to assess the following aspects of this site as Safe, At Risk or Not Applicable. Unsafe response indicate that attention is required to bring items to a satisfactory standard. Notes and photos should be attached where appropriate, particularly to At Risk items.

Work Areas

  • Do you wish to examine work areas on this safety walk?

  • General Housekeeping (neat, tidy, dust free)

  • Walkways (free of debris and obstructions)

  • Work Surfaces (clear of clutter and dust)

  • Sides or Holes (safety guards or covered)

  • Impalement Hazards (none present, or adequately marked)

  • Material Storage/Lay Down (neat and tidy)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Do you wish to examine PPE on this safety walk?

  • Hard Hats (available, worn by crew and in safe condition)

  • Safety Glasses with Side Shields (available, worn by crew and in safe condition)

  • Face Shield / Goggles (available, worn by crew and in safe condition)

  • Respiratory Protection (available, worn by crew and in safe condition)

  • Hearing Protection (available, worn by crew and in safe condition)

  • Appropriate Clothing (in safe condition)

  • Gloves (available, worn by crew and in safe condition)

  • Foot Protection (fit for task, worn by crew and in safe condition)

Fall Protection Equipment

  • Do you wish to examine fall protection equipment on this safety walk?

  • Fall protection equipment inspected inspected regularly and before use

  • Appropriate for task and used properly by crew where applicable

  • Suitable Anchorage Points


  • Do you wish to examine ladders on this safety walk?

  • Ladders are well maintained and in satisfactory condition

  • Ladder base, footing and set up is to standard

  • Proper Ladder for Task

Tools and Equipment

  • Do you wish to examine tools and equipment on this safety walk?

  • General condition of tools

  • Tools and Equipment inspections take place and are recorded

  • Right tools are being used for tasks

  • Crew members are trained to be competent in the tools appropriate for their work tasks


  • Do you wish to examine excavations on this safety walk?

  • Access/Egress is safe and frequency of egress is acceptable

  • Shoring/Shielding/Sloping is safe

  • Barricades are in place as required

  • Spoil Pile

Electrical Safety

  • Do you wish to examine electrical safety on this safety walk?

  • Ground fault circuit interrupters in use

  • Extension Cords are not causing trip hazards or used inappropriately

  • Power Tools are undamaged and being used fit for purpose


  • Do you wish to check personnel and this safety walk?

  • Behavior is orderly and professional

  • Clear communication is possible without needing to shout

  • Proper lifting technique demonstrated

People Safety

  • Do you wish to check work crew safety knowledge at this inspection?

  • Approach at least one team member and record their responses to the following. Make clear this is not an assessment of the team member themselves, but rather the safety procedures on site.

  • Team Member
  • Has the team member attended a pre-start meeting or toolbox talk within the last week?

  • Is the team member able to describe the correct process to follow in an emergency situation?

  • Is the worker able to identify three hazards they may encounter in their tasks today?

  • Team member signature (to verify this interview took place NOT to assess their safety knowledge)

General Comments

  • Any further comments or recommendations arising from this inspection?

  • Add any additional relevant photos

  • Have all required corrective actions been added as Actions to this inspection?

  • Please add any corrective actions to the appropriate questions above before completing this report

Sign Off

  • Name & Signature of Inspector

  • Name & Signature of Site Supervisor / Foreman

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