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Safety Walk Audit

Sort - Determine necessary & unnecessary items.

  • Broken or unused equipment/supplies/materials are in the work area:

  • Unused equipment/materials are stored in drawers, work area or other storage areas:

  • Goods/personal accesories are allowed & properly used in the work area apart from the standard PPE:

  • Type of personnel that are alowed in the area:

  • Sorting & separation of trash:

Set in Order - Put items for easy access & identification.

  • Equipment/materials are stored in appropriate & specific places:

  • Equipment, pipes, tanks, cabinets, work areas, and storage areas are labeled (no identification) & arranged neatly:

  • Trash cans/ rubbish bins are well labeled:

  • Pedestrian area, workplace/floors & equipment are clearly identified (through marking & zone separation):

Shine - Keep work area clean & organized.

  • Environment, drainage ditches, conveyors, pipes, tanks, cabinets, work areas, and storage areas are clean (free of mold, dirt, dust, droplets):

  • Trash is equipped with plastic and disposed regularly:

  • Cleaning tools are provided and are well functioning:

  • Microbe accumulation in the work area:

  • Lightings working properly & lamp cover in good condition:

  • Hand wash basin are available includes with proper procedure:

  • All employees have good personal hygiene:

  • Indications of infestation or pest/insect activity:

Safety - Eliminate potential hazard & maintain safe working area.

  • Machine safety shut down and warning signs are installed:

  • Warning signs have been installed properly (floor plan, evacuation routes, etc.), all personnel know the storage location of safety aid kit, fire extinguisher & eye shower, etc. & emergency light available:

  • Forklift driver follow trafic rules & wearing a seat belt:

  • MSDS are available in each area where chemicals/lubricant are placed & updated regularly:

  • Employees use standard PPE during work, eg - using registered ladder:

  • Permit for High risk area - height/hot work & confined space:

  • Conduct Log-Out Tag-Out (LOTO) procedure when maintenance performed:

  • Safety equipment (fire extinguisher, hydrant, PPE & P3K) has been stored and function properly according to its kind:

Standardize - Creating work standard.

  • Procedures & Work Instructions (WI) for each work area are updated:

  • Employees understand the definition, types and properties of B3 & LB3:

  • Placement point for hazardous material are available with supporting facilities (spill kits, bunding, labels and symbols hazard material):

  • Leakage of lubricant, steam & compressed air:

  • Visual management to ensure all tasks are done correctly:

Sustain - Make it as a discipline.

  • All personnel are involved & participate in the GMP 6S Program/Activities:

  • Employees inspect respective work area in accordance with appropriate WO/checklist/QMP:

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