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PART A - Team Member

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  • Describe Near Miss/Hazard:

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  • Immediate Actions Taken:

  • Is there a Life Saving Behavior Challenge?

  • Job PAUSE, ASSESS, contact your SUPERVISOR for support in removing the Life Saving Behavior Challenge

  • Once you have completed PART A - Pass this report to your Supervisor

PART B - Supervisor - work with your team to identify possible solutions to prevent the Life Saving Behavior Challenges

  • No 1 - Possible Actions:

  • No 2 - Possible Actions:

  • No 3 - Possible Actions:

  • No 4 - Possible Actions:

  • No 5 - Possible Actions:

  • No 6 - Possible Actions:

  • Life Saving Behavior Challenge Status:

  • Please select the status

  • Life Saving Behavior Challenge still exists, FURTHER ACTION required

  • Life Saving Behavior Challenge no longer exists

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