• Developer:

  • Site Name

  • Developers ABN:

  • Inspection Conducted By:

  • Conducted on

  • Location


Principle Contractor

  • Principle Contractor:

  • Principle Contractors ABN:

  • Principle Contractors Contact Person:

  • Phone Number

  • WC Certificate of Currency?

  • WC Policy Number:

  • Consistent with WIC

  • Number of Employees:

Scaffolding Contractor

  • Scaffolding Contractor:

  • ABN:

  • Contact Person:

  • Phone Number:

Scaffolding - Planning & Documentation

  • Handover Certificate for completed scaffold R225(2)

  • Regular Scaffold Inspections R225(3)

  • Engineered design - Cantilevered needles, suspended systems etc

  • Scaffolders HRWL

Scaffold - Design & Use

  • In good condition, erected plumb, level and square on solid foundation

  • Safe entry and exit to all working platforms

  • Edge protection provided where a person could fall

  • Decks are fully planked

  • Gap to building does not exceed 225mm

  • Has containment sheeting been considered as part of the design?

Electrical Hazards

  • Are there any overhead power lines within 4 meters or less of site?

  • Electrical switchboards in good condition with RCDs fitted and tested

  • Main switch (point of supply) clearly identified and labeled

  • Construction Wiring run in solid conduit to prevent mechanical damage and labelled “Construction Wiring”

  • Electrical tools and extension leads tested and tagged (within last 3 months)

  • Tigertails installed on low voltage overhead power lines near the site (if cranes, pumps, excavators or other machinery exists)

  • Evidence of consultation with electricity supply authority (advice letter) if workers and/or machinery working near overhead power lines ( eg: Loading Zones – Crane use)

  • Valid Dial Before You Dig Plans exist for excavation/digging/trenching work on or near public property

Formwork Contractor

  • Formwork Contractor:

  • ABN:

  • Contact Person:

  • Phone Number:

Formwork - Planning & Documentation

  • Engineering plan- sequence, propping, cure time, back propping etc.

  • SWMS- erecting, altering, stripping etc

  • Engineers signoff prior to pour

Formwork - Equipment & Workers

  • In good condition

  • Suitable access & egress to work areas

  • Adequate fall protection- edges, penetrations, voids, joist spacing etc.

  • Adequate supervision/instruction of workers

  • Limiting access by other trades on incomplete decks and during pours

Inspector Observations:

  • <br>In your observations are the PCBU and/or workers aware of the risk factors when working with formwork?

  • In your observations do the PCBU and/or workers understand the correct method in erecting/ dismantling formwork? (either conventional/engineered)

  • Is the PCBU or Workers aware of practical solutions and controls currently available? (Eg: Proprietary handrails, penetration covers, portable stair systems etc.)

  • In your opinion does the PCBU and workers think SafeWork NSW is a reliable source of information?

  • Overall - what status of controls for hazards associated with formwork did you observe?

  • In your opinion does the PCBU and workers think SafeWork NSW is a reliable source of information?

Any Additional Comments

  • Any Additional Comments:

  • Is this site recommended for a FOI Project Visit?

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