• Location
  • Supervisor/Crew Leader

  • Job description

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Personnel

Work order

  • JHA and Tool Box Safety meeting filled out correctly and all employees signed

  • All permits filled out correctly with customer Rep Signature and Circle S rep Signature in proper place

  • Crew is aware of all hazards and how to avoid them

  • Pre job inspection done on equipment/vehicles

Safety controls

  • LOTO done correctly


  • Is Job in Confined space

  • Has confined space air quality been tested?

  • Has monitor been bump tested with in 24 hours and in calibration?

  • All PPE present and properly used (Hard hat, safety glasses, ear plugs, steel toe boots (Lace Up where required)

  • Are ladders, scaffold, fall protection needed in use

  • Are the ladders, scaffolds, and man lifts being used properly

  • fall protection equipment in use in good condition and being used properly

  • Is Fall Protection being used

Confined Space

  • Is Confined Space permitted by customer

  • Verify Confined Space is in lock out procedure

  • Is a 4 gas monitor being used

  • Has monitor been calibrated in previous 12 months

  • Has monitor been bump tested within 24 hours and documentation on job site or (Job trailer)

  • Is Safety rope being used if only one person in confined space or if multiple entrants a safety rope at the entry point as needed for rescue

  • Confined space attendant present

  • Has Confined space attendant been trained and fully aware of his duties and expectations (emergency procedures)

  • Does confined space attendant have high vis vest and Radio and or Emg numb

  • Does Attendant understand the use and functions of the monitor being used

  • Are safety harnesses being used in the confined space

  • Confined Space Entrants been trained in confined space job task and PPE

  • Attendant Log sheet being used and kept current with entrants in the confined space

Hydroblasting General Safe Work Practices

  • 4.2.2 house keeping-Is the work area free of all removable hazards?

  • 4.2.4 Is pump properly barricaded to restrict unauthorized people from entering the work area.

  • 4.2.4 is area being cleaned properly barricaded to prevent unauthorized people from entering and using Signs

  • 4.2.4 is pre-printed barricade tags properly attached (Danger hydroblasting)

  • 4.2.5 Are wheel chocks in place on pump and truck

  • 4.2.6. Whip checks in place and tight on all hoses

  • 4.2.7 Is pump operator present and close enough to disengage pressure

  • 4.2.8 Is there clear line of site between pump operator and hose end equipment operator. If unable to do so is radio or third person in use

  • 4.2.9 Are hoses routed and protected in a manner that prevents vehicular damage and personnel exposure to hoses

  • 4.2.10 Are all personnel 6' or more away from hose connections while under pressure

  • 4.2.12 Are debris barriers in place

  • 4.2.15 Is a hard stop required. If so is it being utilized

  • 4.2.17 Is hose shroud in place

  • 4.2.18 Has back thrust been calibrated to 1/3 of operator and properly applied

  • 4.2.19 Is operator controlling the foot pedal

  • 4.2.20 Is foot pedal secure and free from obstruction

  • 4.2.21 If people working below is the water from foot pedal being redirected by using 3/4 hoses coming off foot pedal

Hydroblasting Equipment Requirements

  • 4.3.4 is stinger at least 1.5x the diameter of pipe being cleaned

  • 4.2.5 Is lance marked 24"or more from the end of the compression fitting

  • 4.3.6 Does shotgun have hose shroud

  • 4.3.6 Is the shotgun shroud 6' in length

  • 4.3.6 Has shotgun shroud been properly inspected for current qtr

  • 4.3.7 Is the length of the shotgun 66" from butt stock to end of the nozzle

  • 4.3.8 Are fittings rated for pressure being applied?

  • 4.3.9 Does shotgun have a double trigger lock

  • 4.3.10 Is entry point where 3D tool is in operation securely covered to prevent spray from exiting vessel

  • 4.3.10 Is 3D tool appropriately suspended (rope not allowed)

  • Blast hose inspected with metal tag in place

  • Blast hose in good repair

  • Hydro Blast unit level and wheels chocked

  • 10k

  • 20k

  • 40k


  • Has Vacuum check list been preformed and present on Job Site

  • If necessary, is vac truck properly bonded and ground meter being used and verified continuity

  • Is job on an elevated floor

  • Is vac hose properly tied off

  • Is product being vacuumed combustible dust

  • Is conductive hose being used

  • Is there a hose break in use and in close proximity of the work being preformed


  • Is fire extinguisher in place and inspected

  • Is vehicle/equipment clean

  • Does vehicle have current Inspection sticker, Tag, and current insurance card

  • Does vehicle have clear company logo's on side in good condition

Employee Appearance and Professionalism

  • Does employees have on Uniforms

  • Is the shirts of the uniforms tucked in with belt on

  • Are Employee's clean shaving to comply with company policy

Comments and corrections


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Corrective Action

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  • Auditor

  • Crew Leader/Supervisor

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