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  • Vehicle Registration

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  • What is the current vehicle mileage ?

  • Operative uniform and personal appearance is good ?

  • Is vehicle health and safety file present ?

  • Is fuel card present ?

External Inspection

  • Vehicle livery clean and tidy ?

  • Is the external of the vehicle clean ?

  • Is the vehicle free from any dents or scratches ? (note - If reported previously, only report any new damage)

  • Is the windscreen free from any cracks or chips ?

  • Are all lights working correctly and no damage ?

  • Are tyres and tread limits visually safe ? - (inspection is only visual, if not sure refer vehicle for repair)

Inside Driver Cab Inspection

  • Is driver cab, clean and tidy ?

  • Is the driver cab free from any damage ?

Inside Rear Inspection

  • Is the rear of the vehicle clean and tidy ?

  • Is equipment stored correctly and safely ?

  • Is the rear of the vehicle free from any damage to report ?


  • Person Responsible for Vehicle

  • Person Completing Inspection

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