• Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Group HSE Advisor: Sarah Shedden

  • Personnel Present:

Every Month Documents

  • Notes:

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  • Health & Safety Meetings Current / Consistent

  • Monthly Site Walkthrough Completed

  • Workshop Walkthrough Checklist Completed/Consistant

  • Risk Control Plan Current / Consistant

  • Fixed Plant Pre-Starts Consistant

  • Mobile Plant Pre-Starts Consistant

  • First Aid Cabinets checked monthly

Quarterly Items (Feb, May, Aug, Nov)

  • Notes:

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  • Skills Matrix current & up to date

  • Quarries Only: Geo-Technical Slope Stability Checklist Complete

  • Emergency Stop Trip-Wire Checklist complete

Annual Items / Documents

  • Notes:

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  • Annual Maintenance Schedule Plant & Equipment displayed / completed

  • Annual Maintenance Schedule for Delivery Trucks/Service Vehicles

  • Policies Displayed for H&S, Environment, Risk Management, & Quality

  • If you are injured poster displayed in staff amenities area

  • Return to work document displayed

Emergency Preparedness

  • Notes:

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  • Evacuation Site Map Displayed

  • Traffic Management Displayed / Reviewed in March

  • Emergency Evacuation Practice/Drill completed *Feb (Ask sites to get VOU's for Drills)

  • Fire Evacuation Plan & Drill Completed - Be Bush Fire Ready *Sep/Oct time of year (ask sites to get VOU's for Drills)

  • QLD only - Be Cyclone Ready *Plan & Drill completed Sep

  • Emergency Warden Checklist - completed quarterly

  • Reviewed Site Signage *March

Licences / High Risk Items

  • Notes:

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  • High Risk Licences Current & Completed *Feb & Jul (Forklift, Dogman, EWP)

  • Blasting Licences

  • Blasting Plan / SWP current & sighted

  • First Aid Certificates Current

CAR's (Corrective Action Reports)

  • Notes:

  • Corrective Action Reports utilised & closed out where req.

Contractor Management

  • Notes:

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  • Contractors Inducted Annually

  • Cartage Contractors Audited *May

Calibrations, Inspections & Quality

  • Notes:

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  • Concrete Trucks Only: Concrete Agi Water Meter Calibration check completed

  • Weighbridge Calibrations current

  • Pressure Vessel / Air Receivers tested

  • Fall Arrest System Harness & Lanyard Inspections completed *every 6 mths

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