Title Page

  • Document No.

  • Name of Employee

  • Employee Number

  • I acknowledge that i have received and understand the plant familiarisation training below

  • Signature

  • Select date

Plant Details - To be completed by responsible person

  • Description of Plant

  • Plant No.

  • Date of familiarisation

Where the following items shown and explained to the employee : (Responsible Person )

  • Has the Owner’s Manual been shown and made available for the operator?

  • Prestart and minor maintenance requirements for the plant?

  • Correct PPE to be worn, and that PPE worn correctly for task?

  • Location of all safety features (E.g. flashing lights; reverse sensor; protective guards; Emergency stop button; fire extinguisher and first aid kit)

  • The correct way to enter and exit the cabin of the plant?

  • How to operate safely as per owner’s manual (Controls, and switches)?

  • Any hazards or precautions associated with the works? Also the controls for these hazards.

  • Any hazards or precautions associated with the plant? Also the controls for these hazards.

  • How to adjust the seating and controls on the plant.

  • Where grease points and oil and fuel fill points are located?

  • Check and be made aware of the location of Restricted Registration Codes and the requirements of those codes.

  • How to attach any attachments and requirements to operate those attachments


  • I have provided the above information and familiarisation to the above employee in regards to the item of plant.

  • Name of Responsible Person

  • Add signature

  • Select date

  • Plant Familiarisation Form to be returned to WHS Team on completion for recording on
    employee record.

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