Thoroughfares - Access + Egress

Pathways / walkways / stairs / ramps and access areas clear of rubbish and obstructions

Pathways / walkways are slip free. Surfaces are even, free of holes, cracks fraying or uplifting edges

Slip resistant materials or absorbent mats used in wet areas

Steps / stairs / ramps / handrails are secure and in good repair

Electrical cables / cords kept clear of walkways or secured

Exit and egress points clearly identified and accessible

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Office Environment - Workstation + Surrounding Areas

Ergonomic furniture is appropriately adjusted e.g keyboards, chairs, etc

Furniture is well maintained and in good / safe condition

Desk and benches stable and suitable for work

Materials are stored appropriately e.g not on the floor around work areas

Staff use good housekeeping practices around their work areas

Sufficient space is provided around workstations so staff can move and work safely

Walkways and aisles are clear of obstructions

Floor mats do not present trip hazards

Lifting aids are available where required

Electrical equipment is in good working order

Electrical leads are secured to prevent Trip hazards

Adequate lighting in all areas

Adequate ventilation in all areas

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Storerooms and storage areas are tidy and free from obstructions

Stored materials are secured appropriately to prevent them failing

Heavy equipment is stored at waist level

Storage areas are accessible and free from trip hazards

Shelving is stable and well maintained

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All power boards have an overload switch

Portable power leakage circuits checked and functioning correctly

All electrical cables free of possible contact with water or other conductors

No leads placed where subject to damage e.g heat or cutting

No broken plugs, sockets or switches

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Bathrooms + Toilets

Adequate and clean toilet facilities and supplies

Toilet provided for people with disability

Toilet and bathroom facilities cleaned regularly

Paper towels available with spare rolls readily accessible

Sanitary towel disposal unit in female toilets ( if applicable )

Facilities well ventilated

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Food stored appropriately e.g. Freezer, fridge, etc

Cooking facilities are clean and maintained

Work benches are clean and maintained

Pantry is clean and organised

Team wear personal protective equipment and clothing

Team wear gloves and hair nets

Exhaust fans are clean and functioning

Electrical equipment clean and functioning

Freezers and fridges clean and functioning

Gas equipment clean and functioning

Other equipment and utensils clean and functioning

Dishwasher clean and functioning

Anti-slip flooring provided

Floors clean and free from water, grease and debris

Paper towels and sanitisers available

Appreciate hand washing facilities are available

Safe food handling procedures displayed

Safety guidelines and rules are clearly displayed

To prevent slips and trips, all areas are kept clean and free of waste or obstructions

Access to equipment is restricted to relevant staff

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Plant + Macinery + Equipment

All fixed machines are secured on their mountings and free from movement and vibration

Adequate workspace is marked around danger zones of each item of plant to ensure safety

All machines and equipment have adequate guards fitted as per manufacturers instructions

All items checked to ensure that guards have not been modified and are being used effectively e.g. Slicers, dish washers, oven, stoves etc

Emergency cut-off switches operational and within close proximity to users

Safety procedures, standard operating procedures and related signage is prominently displayed

Areas around machines are kept clear of debris and stacked material

Records of equipment inspection, maintenance and repair are available

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Hazard Substances - Chemical Safety

The hazardous substances register (HSR) is current

Safety data sheets (SDS) available to all staff and current

All chemicals are secured from unauthorised access

All chemicals are stored correctly according to SDSs guidelines

Decanted chemicals are placed in suitable containers and correctly labelled

Only minimal quantities of chemicals are kept on site

Spill kits are readily available to control chemical spills

All records on acquisition, storage and disposal of hazardous substances are maintained as per HSR

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

All PPE is stored appropriately

All PPE is checked and maintained appropriately e.g. Cleaned or replaced as required

All team members have access to the relevant PPE

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Gas Cylinders

Gas cylinders have expiry date stamp

Gas cylinders are secured from unauthorised access

Cylinders are in good condition i.e. No rusting, damage

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All work spaces are clear, tidy, free of obstruction and waste

All displays, hanging or posted, are without risk

Appropriate aids available for work being carried out e.g. Mats, trolleys,etc.

HS policy is displayed on all staff notice boards

HS standing agenda items on all notice boards

The reporting HS incidents and injuries brochure is displayed in the staff room

Emergency evacuation plan (EEP) is in place

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.