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  • • Pedestrian zones are clearly delimited

  • • Fire extinguishers are in place, periodically inspected and accessible

  • • Capacities are labelled on slings and lifting equipment (lbs/kg)

  • • Perimeters are in place to delimiter a simulator “swing” zone

  • • Confined spaces are clearly identified

  • • Isolated areas are clearly identified

  • • Ladders/stepladders are in good condition and properly secured (attached) if not in use

  • • Electrical panels are accessible

  • • Chemicals are labelled as per GSH

  • • LOTO procedures are in place for all SIM’S and powered equipment

  • • Electrical safety – Arc flash labelling’s are posted on all panels

  • • Inspection process is in place before using a mobile lifting equipment (lift truck, crane, winch)

  • • Incident register/first aid log and kits are in place

  • • Contractors/visitors are informed about safety rules and procedures prior or upon arrival

  • • The contractor/field operations have their JRA (job risk analysis) (RAMS)

LEADERSHIP & BEHAVIOUR <br>To questions / Discuss with employees / Staff / Contractors about :

  • • The potential risks/hazards in the workplace

  • • The potential risks/hazards within their tasks

  • • Roles & responsibilities if in charge of a project/installation or employees

  • • When/why the need to wear their personal protective equipment

  • • The emergency procedures and meeting area

  • • Performing a risk analysis before starting unusual/risky tasks

  • • Respecting a perimeter around a work zone

  • • LOTO - employees not to work on the equipment if the electrical power is “on”

  • • Fall protection when working at heights

  • • When to declare to their superior an: incident, near miss, accident

  • • What to do if they need to work alone, in an isolated area

  • • What they need before starting a confined space job

  • • The contractor receiving a briefing before starting their tasks

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