• If the hazard is present, answer "Yes" and if not present, answer "No"
    Then rate the hazard once scored

    If considered to be at a level where additional controls are not required, then the selection should be "safe"

    If a score of low, actions could still be required but the setting could still be "safe"
    If a score of medium, then the assessor must use their judgement to determine whether further actions are required. If actions are needed then the item should be set to "at risk"
    If a score of high or extreme then the selection should be "at risk" and additional controls are needed

  • Take photographs or sketch to help clarify the hazard (or indeed the lack of hazard) as required in each section.

    If the hazard is present, then you must select "Safe" or "At Risk" for each hazard category

  • Ensure that the hierarchy of risk control is applied to actions:

    1 - Eliminate - remove the hazard or stop the activity
    2 - Reduce - Use smaller amounts of the particular hazardous substance or reduce the number of times a piece of equipment needs to be used or the number of times the task needs to be carried out
    3 - Replace - Use an alternative substance or piece of equipment, or adapt the job design, workplace layout, work routines etc.
    4 - Isolate - use suitable guarding on dangerous parts of machinery to keep people away from the hazard
    5 - Innovate - Technical safety devices (such as residual current devices) and innovative work routines and ergonomic improvements
    6 - Conform - Safety procedures and instruction, including method statements and permits to work
    7 - Protect - PPE such as goggles (collective protection such as guards should take preference to individual protection)
    8 - Discipline - Enforcement of safety rules and arrangements

    The lower the number the more effective the action!

  • 1. Eliminate the hazard

    no label
  • 2. Substitute the hazard

    no label
  • 3. Isolate the hazard

    no label
  • 4. Engineering controls

    no label
  • 5. Administration Controls

    no label
  • 6. Personal Protective Equipment

    no label
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