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  • Client / Site

  • Date and Time of Inspection

  • Inspected by

  • Location


  • Clean all visible surfaces

  • Wipe and clean the glass surfaces and remove handprints

  • Restack all books and other reading materials

  • Place books on shelves

  • Restack and restock stationeries on the tables

  • Wipe and clean the telephone and sanitise it

  • Wipe and clean the windows and doors

  • Vacuum clean the drapes and upholstery

  • Dust and arrange the furniture

  • Dust any planters and arrange flowers on the desk

  • Dust and clean the walls

  • Dust and clean lights and fixtures, and other wall decors

  • Check the air-conditioners

  • Vacuum clean the carpet and rugs

  • Empty trash and replace liners

  • Sweep and mop the hardwood floor

  • Replace paper utilities


  • Wipe and clean walls

  • Wipe and clean wall decor and wall fixtures

  • Wipe the light and switch plates

  • Polish and clean the trophies on display

  • Clean the notice board and other display boards

  • Dust and water the planters

  • Vacuum clean the carpets and rugs

  • Mop and clean the hardwood floor


  • Dust and clean the desks, chairs and all visible surfaces

  • Wipe and clean the blackboard

  • Clean the teacher’s desk and chair

  • Store away all strewn books and stationeries

  • Rearrange the teacher’s table

  • Wipe and clean the cabinets

  • Dust and clean the walls

  • Wipe and clean windows and doors

  • Clean the window tracks and blinds

  • Clean the light and check for any fused bulbs

  • Clean the switch plates

  • Clean the display boards

  • Clean and air the doormats

  • Mop and clean the floor

  • Empty trash and replace the liner


  • Clean the sink and faucet

  • Clean the toilet bowl, inside, underside, rim, and cover with powerful cleaners

  • Update cleaning schedule checklist after cleaning

  • Clean the booth doors and doorknobs and sanitise it

  • Refill soap dispensers

  • Restock soap dispensers

  • Restock ever paper utility

  • Wipe and clean the surfaces of the wall

  • Mop and clean the floor

  • Empty trash and replace liners of the bins


  • Clean and air any removable gym mats

  • Clean gym equipment

  • Wipe and clean the windows and doors

  • Wipe and clean light, fixtures, and switch plates

  • Wipe and clean any display boards

  • Wipe and clean the surface of the walls

  • Mop and clean the floor


  • Recommendations

  • Full Name and Signature of Inspector

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