Area Audit

Audit to be carried out on each individual location on site. Provide information and photos where the site does not meet current specifications required.

Location Description

Site Type:





Provide Location Description

Provide a photo of the general location's access point.
How often is the area accessed?
Is the walkway within a confined space/DSEAR environment?
What is the potential fall height?
Process Hazard:

Are the Walkways free from corrosion/rust?

Are the Supports free from corrosion/rust?

Are there davits/lifting equipment?

Is the equipment lifted through/across handrailing?

Are pumps landed on the deck?

What is the grating thickness?

Are the walkway panels free from damage ?

Is the area free from trip hazards?

Are the walkways adequately supported?

Are the walkways free from bend when under load?

Is the walkways free from a risk of cantilever?

Is the area free from unprotected cut outs or openings in the grating? If not, Provide detail.

If the unprotected gap between the gratings and the wall is between 30mm - 200mm, is it protected by a toe board?

What best describes any access hatches?
What best describes any openings in the walkway?

Are the walkways clear of a road or track without protection? (At least 1 metre)

Flooring Support & Fixings

Do the current fixings prevent lateral movement?

What best describes the steps and stairs design?

Do you believe flooring requires professional / specialist investigation?

Are their operational Constraints with the current flooring and walkways?