Accountability and Responsibility

Can the site representative articulate their accountabilities and responsibilities consistent with the Scouts SA WHS Framework?

Can the site representative demonstrate an awareness of safety procedures and how they may be accessed?

Are contractors and visitors to the site controlled?

Emergency Preparedness and Response

Is there any evidence that consideration has been given to identifying the type of emergencies that may occur at the facility? E.g Fire, medical, infrastructure failure, criminal activity.

Do emergency contact numbers reflect the identified emergencies?

Is there a documented site evacuation plan displayed at key locations?

Have written emergency protocols or procedures been developed and made available to support the response to emergencies?

Do the protocols consider disabled people?

Is there a process of reviewing emergency response documents?

Are leaders trained in the emergency response protocols?

Are documented responsibilities for specific actions in emergencies available?

Is there an audible and visual warning mechanism for alerting everyone in an emergency?

Is there easy access for emergency services?

Have risks from neighbouring businesses been considered?

Has a test of emergency protocols been conducted and reviewed in the past twelve months? This is not necessarily a fire evacuation.

Are fire extinguishers in place and marked for the type of fire for which they are suited?

Is fire fighting equipment clearly identified and clear of obstruction?

Has training been provided in the use of fire fighting equipment?

Are exit doors clearly identified with illuminated signs?

Are exit doors easily opened from the inside?

Where sleep overs occur, are push bar exit handles provided on all exit doors?

Are exit doors outwards opening?

Is a smoke or fire detection system in place?

Has the site conducted and documented an assessment to identify its first aid requirements?

Does the site have a schedule for checking first aid kit contents?

Does a sampling of first aid kits demonstrate their content is up to date and complete?

Does the site have redundant first aid facilities?

Are first aid kit locations clearly identified and readily accessible?

Are first aiders identified, trained and current?

Training and Information Sharing

Are consultation and communication mechanisms in place and active between parents, leaders, group and HQ?

Are all incidents and injuries recorded? First aid and incident reports.

Are significant incidents subject to root cause analysis?

Are participants involved in activity planning and the associated management of risk?

Are safety procedures accessed when planning high risk activities?

Can the site representative articulate the incident reporting process?

Inspection and Maintenance

Has the last inspection been reviewed?

Have all actions been completed?

Is good natural lighting available?

Are light fittings fit for purpose?

Do emergency exit lights work?

Is an electrical equipment register maintained?

Are plugs and leads visibly in good condition?

Is portable electrical equipment regularly tested and current?

Are power boards and power points safely loaded?

Are power cords protected from damage?

Is portable electrical equipment visibly in good condition?

Are safety switches installed?

Are machine guards in good condition?

Are starting and stopping devices within easy reach?

Are noise levels controlled/

Are operators trained in the use of machines?

Is this training recorded?

Are ladders rated for industrial strength and in visibly good repair?

Are chairs, desks and furnishings visibly in good repair?

Has a Quartermaster been appointed to ensure equipment is maintained and fit for purpose?

Welfare and Hygiene

Is the workplace near appropriate emergency services?

Is the means of workplace access safe?

Are the facilities regularly cleaned?

Is there at least one WC for every 20 males and one WC for every 15 females?

Are there adequate toilet facilities for people with disabilities?

Are toilet doors clearly marked?

Are toilet cubicles lockable?

Do toilets have adequate ventilation and lighting?

Are toilets visibly hygienically maintained?

Is there adequate toilet paper, hand washing facilities, soap, rubbish bins and sanitary disposal?

Are hand washing facilities seperate from dining and food preparation areas?

Is hot and cold water available?

Is hygienic hand drying available that does not involve the sharing of towels?

Is the food preparation area visibly clean and tidy?

Is the refrigerator clean and free of expired contents?

Are their seperate, private areas for males and females to get changed if required?

Are showers available?

Housekeeping and Storage

Are materials stored so they will not fall?

Has consideration been given to the weight and bulk of items when being stored?

Are racks and shelves stable and in good repair?

Are walkways free of clutter and obstacles?

Are floors free of clutter?

Are work benches tidy?

Are tools and equipment safely stored?

Are bins suitably located around the site and regularly emptied?

Are oily rags stored in covered metal containers?

Are surplus or broken items of equipment and furniture disposed of?

Hazardous Substances

Are hazardous substance quantities kept to those expected only for domestic use?

Are MSDS retained on site?

Is a hazardous substance register retained on site?

Are containers suitably labelled?

Are gas bottles stored in an upright position?

Are gas bottles stored in an area where they can readily vent to the outside atmosphere?

Is appropriate personal protective equipment provided?

Is eye wash readily available in areas where chemicals are used?

Does the building have a readily available and current asbestos register?

Is the asbestos management plan current?

Are asbestos containing materials readily identified?

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.