• Vehicle prestart

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

  • Machine ID

  • Odometer Reading

  • Next service is due on

Pre-start checks

  • Is there Sufficient Fuel

  • Check the engine Temperature Gauge for Excessive Heat

  • Check Engine Oil Level

  • Check for any Oil/Water Leaks

  • Check Battery Condition and Terminals

  • Check that Coolant Reservoir and Radiator Condition have sufficient fluids

  • Check Tray, Body Work, Drop Sides for damage

  • Check Wheel, Tyre inflation, studs and Wheel Nuts

  • Check Fan Belts and Tensions

  • Check for Missing Fan Blades

  • Check Fire Extinguisher Pressure

  • Check 2-Way Radio Operation

  • Check First Aid Kit is in Vehicle

  • Check Hi-vis Flag

  • Check Safety Triangles

  • Check Operation of Seat Belts

  • Check Cargo Barrier (if applicable)

  • Check Wheel Chocks in Place

  • General Condition of Use (inside and outside)

Test Operation of:

  • Foot Brakes

  • Park Brakes

  • Horn and Gauges

  • All Lights

  • All Indicators

Inspect and Clean

  • Windscreen (inside and outside)

  • All Mirrors and Windows

  • Any additional comments or notes on the vehicle

  • Select date

  • Add signature

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