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Security Audit

  • Progress through the following sections, answering each question. When an item is non-compliant or marked as fail, be sure to add notes and/or media as evidence.

Access Controls

  • Are user accounts created with strong passwords?

  • Is multi-factor authentication (MFA) implemented for privileged accounts?

  • Are access rights regularly reviewed and revoked for terminated employees?

  • Does the facility use an automated access control system?

  • Are card readers utilized at all access points?

  • Are card readers securely fastened and in good working order?

Network Security

  • Is a firewall in place to control incoming and outgoing network traffic?

  • Are intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDPS) deployed?

  • Are network devices regularly patched and updated?

Data Protection

  • Is sensitive data encrypted both at rest and in transit?

  • Are regular data backups performed and tested for recoverability?

  • Are data access and usage monitored and logged?

Physical Security

  • Are all the doors and windows secure and able to be locked?

  • Are physical access controls implemented, such as access badges or biometric systems?

  • Are server rooms and data centers secured with appropriate physical safeguards?

  • Is after-hours access to server rooms monitored/controlled?

  • Are the external walls fit for purpose and are they secure?

  • Is there a visitor log and escort policy for visitors entering restricted areas?

  • Are perimeter doors alarmed?

  • Are alarms active during the day or are areas shut off?

  • Is there a regular lock-up routine?

  • Are perimeter doors supported by cameras?

  • Are computers marked with serial numbers or company information?

  • Is an intrusion alarm system used in the facility?

  • Is the intrusion alarm system in good working order?

  • Does the alarm system have a power backup?

  • Are fire prevention and suppression systems in place?

  • Are power backups available?

  • Is environmental monitoring implemented?

Incident Response

  • Is an incident response plan in place and regularly tested?

  • Are security incidents and breaches promptly reported and investigated?

  • Is there a process for notifying affected parties in the event of a data breach?

Employee Awareness and Training

  • Are employees provided with security awareness training?

  • Do they understand the importance of vigilance and challenging suspicious activity?

  • Do employees sign an acceptable use policy regarding information security?

  • Are employees regularly reminded of security best practices and policies?

  • Are employees aware of and compliant on how to report suspicious activities or incidents?


  • Is the organization compliant with relevant security regulations and standards?

  • Are security audits conducted by third-party assessors periodically?

  • Is there a process for addressing security audit findings and implementing corrective actions?

  • Are all security policies and procedures documented?

  • Are vendor and third-party risk management plans in place?

Electronic Security

  • Is there ample/well-maintained lighting?

  • Are cameras installed?

  • How many cameras are functional?

  • How many cameras are inoperable?

  • Are cameras managed by security, IT, facilities, or others?

  • Are monitors clear?

  • Have cameras/CCTVs installed for maximum security. Assign this as an action if needed.

  • Attach photos and other relevant files as evidence.

Information Security

  • Is there an effective information security strategy?

  • Is there an effective IT strategy?

Visitors Vehicle Access

  • Is there an access control system in place for visitor vehicles?

  • Do visitors have to show ID?

  • Are visitors announced?

  • Are visitors required to park in certain areas?

  • Are there passes issued? If yes, describe the types of passes issued.

General Facility Impressions and Security Posture

  • What is the estimated volume of daily visitors?

  • Have there been security problems in the past? Describe in detail.

  • What are the biggest threats to security?

  • What assets at the facility need to be protected?


  • Summary of Findings

  • Remediation and Action Plans

  • Date of Next Audit

  • Auditor's Name and Signature

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