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  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

General Security

Site Details

  • Site Address & Phone Number
  • Site Description & Type Of Facility

  • Number Of Employees

  • General Plot Map

  • Location Of Site

  • Socioeconomic Environment

  • Area Crime Rate

  • Loss Event History (Internal/External Theft, Burglary, Robbery, Vandalism, Property Loss, Crimes Against Persons)

  • Local Law Enforcement Contact (Dept, Phone, & Address)

  • Dept Distance From Site

Perimeter Security

Perimeter Fence

  • Does the site have a perimeter fence, wall or other physical barrier around facility?

  • Is the fence line in good repair with no holes, areas where ground was washed away, or broken barb wire strands/arms?

  • Is a "clear zone" maintained around fence line with no debris or other vegetation that could block view or allow undetected intrusion?

  • Are "No Trespassing" signs posted along the perimeter at 100' intervals or a minimum of 3 signs per side?

Required Signing

  • Does the site have "No Weapons" signing posted at entry points?

  • Does the site have "No Smoking" signing posted at entry points?

  • Does site have "No Soliciting" signing posted at entry points?


  • Are gates in good repair and function properly?

  • Are gates motorized?

  • Does the site have rail road gates?

Employee/Visitor Parking

  • Is a designated Employee Parking Area & Visitor Parking area established?

  • Are employee personal vehicles parked in loading areas, shipping/receiving areas or other unauthorized areas?

  • Is there adequate lighting in the parking areas & building exterior?

  • Is the Visitor Parking Area signed as required?

  • Is a dedicated Employee Entrance used?

  • Type of Employee Entrance security used?

Building Security

Visitor Security

  • Does the building have a Visitor entrance?

  • Is the Visitor entrance secured?

  • Type of Visitor entrance security?

  • Is a Visitor Sign-In log in use?

  • Are Visitors required to wear a Visitor Badge while on site?

  • Do new Visitors attend safety orientation detailing emergency evacuation, staging areas, alarms, hazmat, required PPE use, etc?

Key/Access Control

  • Does the site maintain a Key Log or have access to Card Access reports?

  • Are interior office & shop/storage room doors kept closed and locked when not occupied?

  • Are offices, storage areas, shops, etc signed as required?

  • Does the site have a secured IT/TELCOM room?

  • Are Chemicals of Interest (COI) secured as required by Department of Homeland Security (DHS)?

Intrusion Detection Systems

Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

  • Does the site have a working burglar alarm system? If YES, enter type of system & monitoring company name

  • Enter date of last full system test

  • Does the system provide full coverage of site building(s)?

  • Does alarm have a battery backup in case of power failure?

  • Does alarm have cellular or other RF backup in case of phone line loss?

  • List managers/employees on call list

  • Monthly monitoring fee

  • Contract expiration date

  • Attach picture(s) of alarm keypad & main panel

CCTV System


  • Does the site have a functioning CCTV system?

  • Type of system

  • Recording Capacity (TB and days)

  • Does the system have the proper date & time?

  • Number of cameras

  • IP address if networked

  • CCTV viewing/client software

  • Attach picture(s) of DVR and camera example

  • Map of CCTV cameras


Cash Controls

  • Does the site maintain any cash? If YES, how is the cash secured?

  • Amount of cash on hand

  • List employees who have access to cash

Segregation Of Duties (SOD) Controls

  • Are accounts payable & purchasing duties kept separate? If YES, describe control process. If NO, note required controls

  • Does the site process payments and/or pay vendors locally? (i.e. company checks or local payroll processing)

Materials Shrink

  • How are raw materials damage or shrink accounted for? Note process & controls

  • What is the YTD shrink?

  • Does the site have a dedicated process for processing open raw materials bags to prevent cross contamination?

Shipping & Receiving

Site Access

  • Does the site restrict truck access to shipping/receiving?

  • Describe controls to verify driver before access is granted


  • Does site have a dedicated process for receiving deliveries? If YES, describe controls. If NO, detail required controls

  • Does site have a dedicated process for receiving smaller packages or FedEx/UPS deliveries?


  • Does site have dedicated process for verifying outgoing shipments?

Off Site Storage

Site Details

  • Add location
  • Site Manager name & contact information

  • Site Map

  • Attach picture(s) of off site location

Security Equipment & Controls

  • Does the offsite storage have secured entrances/exits?

  • Does the offsite storage have an Intrusion Detection System?

  • Does the offsite storage have a CCTV system?

  • Provide details on inventory control & management (Cycle counts, physical inventory, unannounced counts, etc)

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