Station platforms and other public areas are safe and free from hazards

General station tidiness and graffiti & vegetation management are satisfactory

Statutory safety signage on platforms is in place and legible

Other safety signs (e.g. fragile roof warnings) are in place and legible

All faults have been reported to Facilities, have been recorded - with fault number - in the station log, and are being followed up as necessary

Station Weekly Check Records

Station daily and weekly check records are being completed and actions are being followed up

A recent station check has been audited for accuracy and is satisfactory

Asbestos Management (SE/WI/SAF/006)

Local Asbestos Plan or Asbestos Free Certificate is in place

The asbestos survey is up to date and any changes have been notified to Facilities

Any visible asbestos has been labelled with the appropriate statutory warning signs or labels

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (SE/WI/SAF/025)

COSHH assessments are in place for all substances on the station

Safety Data Sheets are available for all hazardous substances on the station

All substances are labelled and stored appropriately

All substances are only used in accordance with COSHH assessments

Fire Precautions (SE/WI/SAF/007)

Fire log book in place and being completed with all required information

Fire risk assessment in place and up to date

Portable fire equipment (extinguishers, blankets, etc.) in date for test and tags intact

Fire safety notices in place and up to date

Fire exit signage in place and clear

Premises kept clean, tidy and free of fire hazards, with clear means of escape

Buildings are in good condition and fire stopping is not compromised

All portable electrical appliances are in date for testing

Electrical equipment and cables are safe and are not presenting a fire hazard

Portable electric heaters, etc. are being used safely

Materials and supplies are stored safely and segregated as necessary

Fire Door closers are in place and operating correctly

Hose reel nozzles are intact

Compliance is being maintained with non-smoking Regulations and Company policy

Extension cables and adapters are being used safely and are not overloaded

Pigeon netting is in good condition and secure

First Aid (SE/WI/SAF/024)

First Aid box(es) in place and contents correct and in date

First Aid notice is complete, in date and displayed on the Safety Notice Board

Grab bag securely stored and sealed and accessible if required

Local Emergency Planning (SE/WI/SAF/003)

An up to date Local Emergency Plan is displayed on the Safety Notice Board

Station Evcacuation Plan in place and in date (see also SE/WI/SAF/007)

Provision of Personal Protective Equipment (SE/WI/SAF/023)

Staff are wearing PPE and high visibility clothing as required

Adequate facilities are provided for drying and personal storage of PPE

Safety and Security of Visitors to Se Premises (SE/WI/SAF/020)

Contractor/visitor signing in/out arrangements satisfactory

Safety of Work Places (SE/WI/SAF/018)

Workplace risk assessment is up to date

Individual workplace risk assessments are in place for any vulnerable employees

Workplaces are in good condition and free from any risks to health or safety

Ventilation is adequate

The temperature of enclosed work places is comfortable and at least 16C

Premises are being kept clean, tidy and waste (including WEEE and hazardous waste) is being managed and disposed of or recycled in accordance with company instructions

Lighting is suitable and sufficient and any emergency lighting is being maintained in working order

There is sufficient space available for working

Workstations and seating are suitable, tidy and in a good state of repair

Floors are sound and free from damage or defects, stairs are in good condition and provided with effective hand rails

Windows, doors, skylights and ventilators are safe and free from risks

Lockable sanitary conveniences are provided and maintained in good condition, with hot and cold (or warm) water, soap, and towels or dryers available

Drinking water supplies (either mains fed or bottled) and cups are available

Suitable lockers or other accommodation for clothing not worn whilst working is provided

Cookers, microwave ovens, kettles, etc. are provided as necessary, are working and are free from risks

Safety Notice Boards (SE/WI/SAF/002)

Safety Notice Boards are provided so that all employees have access to one

Each safety notice board is in good condition, legible, up-to-date and displays:

Health and Safety Law poster

HSE Electric Shock First Aid Procedures poster

Certificate of Employer's Liability insurance

Managing Director's Statement of Safety Policy

Policy on Drugs and Alcohol

Accident and incident reporting procedure

The Worksafe Procedure (see also SE/SP/SAF/002)

Statement of Readiness for safety critical staff (where applicable)

General Safety Rules

Local First Aid arrangements (see also SE/WI/SAF/024)

Local risk assessments and systems of work information

Asbestos Awareness Notice or Asbestos Free Certificate

Local Emergency Plan

Details of local authorised walking routes (where applicable)

Security Requirements for Stations (SE/WI/SAF/002)

A written Station Security Plan is in place, has been reviewed within the last 12 months and is being complied with

Effective security searches are being carried out and recorded accurately

Security search records are available and the reasons for any missed searches have been investigated and recorded on the form

All litter bins, including those within toilets, comply with requirements

Bulk refuse containers, grit bins, skips, etc. are maintained closed and locked

A public "Security Information" poster is displayed prominently and in good condition

Security announcements are being made as required

CCTV is in good working order and images are being retained as required

Cupboards are locked and toilet cisterns are tagged or sealed

Lost property is being dealt with in accordance with instructions

Required internal security notices for the information of employees only are on display in a non-public area

Vehicles in "controlled areas" as set out in the Station Security Plan have valid passes

Tenants are wearing in-date photo-ID of an approved design (similar to Se issue)

Work Activity Risk Assessments (SE/WI/SAF/019)

All work activities and tasks have been identified and assessed for risks

All work activity risk assessments have been reviewed within the last 3 years

Safe methods of work are in place for all work activities

Individual work activity risk assessments are in place for any vulnerable employees

Work Equipment (SE/WI/SAF/017)

All work equipment has been assessed for risks and appropriate control measures have been implemented

Work equipment has been inspected and maintained as required (includes PAT testing)

Work equipment is in good condition and free from risks

Any plant, machinery or vehicles are securely stored and are being used correctly

Any ladders and lifting equipment, including passenger lifts, are in date for inspection


Managing Director's Statement of Environmental Policy is on display

Electricity and gas consumption is being managed actively and monitored

Any water leaks have been identified and reported to Facilities

Pollution risks have been identified and are being managed effectively

Waste and/or redundant equipment is being removed quickly and is not being allowed to accumulate anywhere

Any hazardous waste and WEEE is being dealt with in accordnace with company instructions


All employees have receieved local induction

Records of competence are available and up-to-date

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.