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Building surrounds & carparks

  • Paving and concrete free from grime/spills

  • Walls and ledges have been wiped down

  • Awnings, walls and cornices free of cobwebs

  • Light fittings are clean and operating

  • Outdoor furniture has been wiped clean

  • Waste bins checked, emptied and wiped clean

  • Light posts, bollards, signage and fixtures clean

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Arcades and Entrances

  • Entrances clear of litter/leaves

  • Floors have been swept/mopped

  • Directory boards and management signage clean

  • Glass panels and Auto doors are clean

  • Wet weather mats/ entrance mats are provided and clean

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Toilets incl Parents rooms

  • Waste/sanitary bins emptied and clean

  • Toilet requisites stocked and dispensers operating

  • Basins, shelves and fittings clean

  • Dust removed from all horizontal surfaces

  • Walls, partitions, doors and entry door clean

  • Floors mopped and stains removed

  • Mirrors cleaned free of marks

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Fire & Service cabinets and Fire corridors

  • Remove rubbish/spills from fire corridors

  • Corridors and lighting free of cobwebs

  • Service cabinets are unobstructed and secure

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Loading Docks/waste collection areas

  • Area free of loose rubbish

  • Dock area is swept and hosed clean if required

  • Skip bins not overflowing and clean

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Lifts (if applicable)

  • Lift interior is clean & wiped down

  • Lift doors, glass, rails and edges wiped down

  • Lift car vacuum/mopped and free from stains

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Cleaning items

  • Vacant tenancies tidy and free of rubbish

  • No graffiti, graffiti shadows or unauthorised signs

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