• Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

Site Grounds and Perimeters

  • Gates and locks in a sound condition

  • Perimeter fencing secure with no holes or gaps

  • Grounds clear of high grass and or debris

  • Evidence of intrusion <br>

  • Signs of vermin/snakes

  • Site have appropriate lighting

  • Public liability risks

  • Site access is controlled.<br>

  • Any visible evidence of vandalism

  • Ladder safety & security

  • Access to tank water or mains water?<br>

  • Power to the PS


  • Emergency after hour contact details on display

  • Restricted entry signs displayed<br>

  • Manifest at gate & appropriate Dangerous Goods signage as appropriate

Site Hazards

  • All pits are covered with lids attached

  • Dangerous Goods & Hazardous Substances are stored correctly & segregated by Class

  • All chemicals listed on the register with MSDS’s?

Pump Station Access

  • Site can be accessed safely, no structures in the way?

  • Enough access for a vehicle, sewer trailer, water tank or jetter?


  • Safety showers and eye wash stations are operational?<br>

  • Other (e.g. bunding, condition of any buildings, etc)

Details of Members Conducting Review

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