Assessor Competancy

  • Is the evaluator trained and does he/she have a full understanding of the vehicles that they are to assess?

Vehicle Type

  • Type of forklift equipment?

  • Add media

Operator Details

  • Has operator completed classroom portion of training?

  • Does the operator have a valid certificate of training that has been passed or refreshed within the last three years?

  • Date classroom portion of training completed?

Daily Safety Inspection

  • The operator completed the safety pre-shift safety inspection correctly?

  • The operator understands the correct fault reporting procedures?

  • The operator fully understands the capacity information plate?

Operator Safety & Observation

  • The operator mounts / dismounts correctly?

  • Uses the seatbelt correctly?

  • Keeps body parts within the confines of the vehicle?

  • Operator looks in the direction of travel?

  • Operator slowed down at intersections?

  • Operator sounded horn at intersections?

  • Operator yielded to pedestrians?

  • Follows the correct procedures for an "unattended" vehicle?

  • Operator demonstrates proper operation on ramps and other sloped surfaces that would affect stability?

  • Operator has good all around safety awareness?

Steering & Operating Controls

  • Starts and stops smoothly?

  • Gave proper signals when turning?

  • Turned corner correctly (aware of rear end swing)?

  • Releases the parking brake prior to moving?

  • Rough use of hydraulic controls?

  • Shows familiarity with truck controls?

Competency In Load Capacity

  • Operator matches load with the truck's capacity?

  • Operator checks the load for stability?

Maneuvering & Transportation

  • Forks at correct height when traveling empty?

  • Traveled with load at proper height?

  • Forks at correct height when parked?

  • When operating in reverse, looking in the direction of travel?

  • Operates at a speed consistent with the type of load and working conditions?

  • Operator performs safe maneuvering with the lift truck and load?

Stacking & de-stacking

  • Raised/lowered load smoothly?

  • Operator applies the park brake when operating the hydraulics?

  • Operator applies neutral when operating the hydraulics?

  • Fork arms centered under the load?

  • Fork arms not rubbing (entry / withdrawal)?

  • Fork tips enter center of pallet opening?

  • Forks / load level?

  • Load correctly stacked?

  • Fork arms fully inserted?


  • The operator correctly applies the park brake?

  • The operator sets the direction lever to the neutral position?

  • The operator correctly applies forward tilt?

  • The operator correctly lowers the forks?

  • The steering wheels are in the straight position?

  • The operator switches off and removes the key?

Assessment Recommendations & Evaluations

  • Assessor's evaluation of operator safety?

  • Comments

  • Operator passed evaluation?


  • Date and time of assessment

  • Operator signature

  • Operator / Printed Name

  • Picture of Operator

  • Evaluator signature

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