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Laws and Regulations

  • "Akta Pendirian Perusahaan" is NOT available and NOT valid (100 points)

  • Company Bussiness Licence (SIUP) is NOT available and NOT inline with business activities (100 points)

  • Company Registration Number (TDP) is NOT available and NOT valid (100 points)

  • Tax Registration Number is NOT available (100 points)

  • "Ijin Penyedia atau Penerima Pemborongan Pekerjaan" from "Disnaker" (Refer to art. 65 /66, UU 13/2003) is NOT available and NOT valid (100 points)

  • (for security service provider) Permit from Regional Police Department (Ijin Polda) is NOT available and NOT maintain (100 points)

  • Outsourcing contract with CCAI is NOT available and NOT signed by both parties (100 points)

  • Outsourcing contract with CCAI is NOT reported to Local Manpower office (100 points)

  • Working activities in CCAI are NOT inline with the outsourced works that reported to Local Manpower Office (100 points)

  • The service/work provided are NOT inline with outsourcing contract (100 points)

  • Labor contract is NOT available to review for all workers (10 points)

  • Labor contract for all workers is NOT valid and expired (10 points)

  • Labor contract for all workers has NOT been registered to Local Manpower Office (10 points)

  • Workers have NOT been given a copy of the employment contract (10 points)

  • Terms of labor contract is NOT inline with the regulation (e.g. no excessive probationary period, no excessive contract period) (10 points)

  • Evidence of discriminatory practices (e.g. unequal wages for same work, preferential treatment, etc.) (10 points)

  • Labor contracts have NOT been updated to reflect changes in legal wage requirements (10 points)

  • Worker documentations are NOT complete for all workers (10 points)

  • Policy regarding wages and benefits is NOT available and NOT communicated to workers (10 points)

Child Labor

  • Child labor employed (100 points)

  • There are reports about child labor violations (corroborated by at least 2 sources) (100 points)

  • There are historical child Labor violations (workers currently of legal age but under age when hired) (100 points)

Forced Labor

  • Evidence of prison labor (100 points)

  • Evidence of slave/forced labor (100 points)

  • Vendor retains original worker documentation without worker permission (100 points)

  • Workers are getting penalized for refusing overtime hours and were not aware at time of hire that overtime is mandatory (10 points)

  • Workers' mobilities are restricted due to required wage deposits/employees to obtain job (10 points)

  • Workers' mobility are restricted due to required mandatory production quotas (10 points)

  • Employer retention of documentation with employee consent is NOT verified through employee interviews (1 point)

  • Workers don't have any accessibility to take water or toilet breaks (1 point)

Abuse of Labor

  • Observed physical abuse (100 points)

  • Reported physical abuse (100 points)

  • Verbal threats of physical abuse (10 points)

Wages and Benefits

  • Non-payment of wages over 1 month (100 points)

  • Payment of wages and/or benefits delay less than one month (10 points)

  • Workers' wages who'd employed less than 1 year do NOT suit the local minimum wage requirement (10 points)

  • Workers' wages who'd employed more than 1 year are NOT align with contract agreement (10 points)

  • Meals are provided when more than 3 consecutive hours overtimes is performed (10 points)

  • Employee misclassification resulting in wage deficiencies (e.g. salaried vs. hourly, direct vs. ind. Contractor) (10 points)

  • Mandatory benefits are NOT provided to workers - JKM, JKK, JHT, BPJS Kesehatan, BPJS Pensiun (e.g. social security, illness/injury, retirement) (10 points)

  • Annual leave and sick leave are NOT provided to all workers proofs available for review (10 points)

  • Maternity leave list and payment proofs are NOT available for review (10 points)

  • There are missing employees on payroll (check number of workers VS payment list) (10 points)

  • There are miscalculated payment of wages and/or benefits (10 points)

  • Cash pay without required deductions, no proof of correct MW or OT pay (10 points)

  • Manipulated payroll (e.g. confirmed multiple payrolls) (10 points)

  • Illegal or excessive deductions or deposits (e.g. disciplinary, tools, uniforms, etc.) (10 points)

  • Workers are charged for personal protective equipment, uniforms and/or name tags (1 point)

  • Workers are required to attend meetings before work but are compensated for the time (1 point)

  • Workers receive understandable pay slips in each payment (1 point)

Working Hours and Overtime

  • Rest day violation (2 rest days for 5 work days a week and 1 rest day for 6 work days a week) (10 points)

  • Overtime excess of country overtime regulations (not more than 3 hours/day and 14 hours/week) (10 points)

  • Working hours are exceeding the legal restrictions (max 40 hours/week) (10 points)

  • Average working hours are exceeding allowable under waiver before waiver expiration (1 point)

  • Workers are provided with sufficient break time (min 30" break time after worked for 4 consecutive hours) (1 point)

  • Non-Systemic Overtime - Infrequently, workers work overtime hours above legal limitations and / or waiver (Guideline: Overtime hours worked above legal limits do not exceed 4 hours per day and do not occur more than 4 days per year) (1 point)

Health and Safety

  • Required personal protective equipment (PPE) is NOT provided to the employees (10 points)

  • Workers probably use the provided PPE when required (10 points)

  • Legally mandated health physicals and/or health certificates are NOT provided (10 points)

  • Workers are NOT provided with annual health exams (10 points)

  • Required licenses/certificates for workers are NOT well-maintained (e.g. SIO Forklift Driver, SIM for Driver) (10 points)

Demonstration of Compliance

  • Full denied access to audit (any requested documents, interview workers, company document) (100 points)

  • Direct evidence of two sets of conflicting records and/or more than 10% of employee testimony conflicts with payroll, time cards, or production records (100 points)

  • Time records are NOT available and NOT well-maintained for all employees (10 points)

  • Time records are NOT complete for at least 12 months period (no missing time card) (10 points)

  • Time cards or production records is conflicting with > 10% of employee testimony (10 points)

  • Age documents are NOT available for all employees (10 points)

  • Payroll is conflicting with employee testimony (10 points)

  • There are no proof that legally mandatory benefits were paid to government (10 points)

  • Workers punch in early for work but don't commence before their shift (1 point)


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