• DA and CC Number

  • Applicant / Client / Owner

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

Consent Details

  • DA/CDC/CC No.

  • Address

Previous inspections

Onsite Inspection

  • Are there any outstanding items from previous inspections?

  • Are there any environmental controls stated in the development consent installed on site?

  • The following controls have been checked for compliance

  • Is the building under construction consistent with the consent and specifications including any modifications?

  • Have relevant conditions of the consent required to be incorporated in the construction of the building, been implemented

  • Have relevant BASIX commitments been implemented?

Component: Wet Area / Water Proofing

  • Do the following components comply with the BCA, Engineers design and/or manufacturer's specifications?

  • Wall / Floor Material

  • Membrane Type

  • Installers Details

  • Installation Requirements

  • In accordance with approval and approved floor plans ?

  • All tap penetrations sealed ?

  • Membrane is continuous ?

  • No air bubbles, holes, cracks ?

  • Full coverage to required areas ?

  • Wall / Floor junctions square and adequate cover ?

  • All cracks greater than 1mm have been filled ?

  • Required fall to floor waste (not less than 1:100 floor, 1:60 shower) ?

  • Is level of tile angle / water stop ok with FFL of adjoining room ?

  • Fillets / Backing rods installed to corners ?

  • Ensure wall tiles overlap bath rim minimum 25mm trim to underside of bath ?

  • Water proofing behind vanity splash back / wall hung basin to 150mm above, 100mm splash back on cabinet ?

  • Architrave and door jambs cut so they don't penetrate tile bed ?


  • Result

  • Comments

  • Photos

  • Accredited Certifier

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  • Signature

  • PO Box 155, Shellharbour City Centre 2529 -Phone 02 4221 6111 -Fax 02 4221 6016 -Email -Web -DX 26402 Shellharbour City Centre

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