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Applicable Paperwork:

  • Sheridan JSEA completed and matches sign in sheet?

  • Please attach photo of JSEA

  • Sign-In Sheet (required upon arrival) is available?

Lease Sign Posted

  • Intent to drill posted in doghouse or in trailer

  • H2S warning signs posted

  • Wind sock or flag out

Fuel Tanks Properly Vented

  • Leaks--Diesel

  • Labeled as to contents

  • Houskeeping

Light Plant

  • Properly Grounded

  • Socket and plugs in good condition

  • Wiring off ground in good condition

Motors and Motor Room

  • Emergency shut off installed, tested, and operative

  • Exhausts properly Installed and Directed

  • Oil Spills

  • Hearing protection sign Posted

  • Housekeeping


  • Conditions and contents of N2 Cylinders

  • High pressure lines and fittings installed

  • Controls identified

  • Gauges in working order

  • Housekeeping


  • Adequate Stairs provided off rig floor?

  • All stairs on location are level?

  • Are there a minimum of 2 stairways available to drilling floor?

  • Are the stairs on location secured?

  • Are there trip hazards on stairs?

  • Stairs have Non-Skid steps and are uniform size?

  • Adequate handrails provided on stairs with 4 or more risers?

  • Guardrails, Mid-Rails, and Toe-Boards installed along all open side edges of floors, platforms, Etc...?

Derrick and Sub-Structure:

  • Are the Derrick pins in place with keepers?

  • Is the Derrick board in good condition?

Rig Floor:

  • Rotary floor in good working condition?

  • All unused floor holes covered?

  • Weight indicator installed and visible to driller?

  • Driller's controls properly labeled?

  • Slips and dies in good working condition?

  • Racking area in good working condition?

  • V-Door gate/Chain in place?

  • Air-Hoist cable in good working condition?

  • Pipe handling tools in good working condition?

  • Housekeeping on rig floor is adequate?

  • Keepers and pins properly installed?

Fuel/Storage Tanks:

  • Fuel storage tanks properly located and labeled as to their contents?

  • "Flammable" warning signs properly posted on all sides of storage tanks?

  • LPG storage tanks and compress gas cylinders are properly labeled and in good working condition?

Mud Tanks

  • Mud tanks safety railing in place and good condition

  • Shale shaker guards in place

  • Eyewash water station and in working order

  • Handrails around walkways

  • Housekeeping

Mud Pump Area:

  • Mud lines secure

  • Pop valve, sheer pin, correct size and length

  • Pop valve covers in place and secure

  • Pop valve line secure or runs to mud tanks

  • Guards in place and in good conditions

  • Hoses safety chained at both ends

  • Housekeeping

Choke Manifold

  • Properly piped

  • High pressure gauge installed

  • Lines secured

  • Housekeeping

Pipe Rack Area:

  • Catwalk in good condition

  • V door ramp in good condition

  • Racks stable/level and properly placed

  • Racks pull up firmly to cat walk

  • Pipe rack ends properly chocked

  • Derrick stand in good condition and ladder provided

  • Housekeeping

Blowout Preventers

  • Properly installed and checked daily

  • High pressure fitting and lines installed

  • Area properly lighted

  • All bolts installed

  • Lines straight and proper connections

  • Fill up lines ok

  • Slack secure with turnbuckle

  • B O P centered with rotary bushings

  • Condition of preventer work boards

  • Housekeeping


  • Assembly and safety pins in place

  • Lower and upper structure properly secured

  • Drilling line correctly installed on anchor

  • Adequate lighting

  • Crossbeams installed

  • Housekeeping

Dog House Area

  • First Aid kit stocked

  • Fall protection harness available

  • Hand tools in place

  • Required notices posted

  • Housekeeping

Rig Floor

  • Anti-Slip material in place around rotary table

  • Rig floor in good condition and openings covered

  • Condition of cat head and guard

  • Condition of catlines

  • Condition of break out and pull line

  • Condition of spinning chain

  • Condition of headache post and guards

  • Condition of air hoistline

  • Crownomatic working and tested

  • Kelly hose safety chained at both ends

  • Stand pipe secure

  • Condition of tongs

  • Snubs line in place with back up line

  • Condition of back-up post

  • Sufficient number and spacing of clamps on tong lines

  • Condition of floors, racking area

  • Stabbing valve readily available

  • V-Door provided

  • Adequate lighting

  • Mouse hole covered

  • Weight indicator paperwork with calibration date

  • H2S Monitors and last test

  • All Employees required to have FR Clothing on before drilling begins

  • Communication with Drilling Consultant

  • Muster Area in case of an emergency

  • Housekeeping


  • Questions or Concerns:

  • Inspector:

  • Rig Operator/Consultant:

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