Shift Managment

Has the Food Safety daily checklist been completed to 100% for the last
30 days? Review checklist for the day and spot check completion eg. use thru dates, hand washing, AMH, FSDP, Integrity Check Stickers and sanitation of all equipment etc. Verify with a demonstration from the Manager of one white meat and one red meat.
(If one component of this question is missed this question will be marked “NO”)

Has the Pre-Shift checklist (SMT) been completed and actioned throughout the shift?

Are crew positioned according to the SPW? Does the Initiator and Fry person stay in position?

Are Area Managers assigned where appropriate during peak periods? (Production, Service, Drive Thru, McCafé)

Does the Shift Manager act in a timely manner to any bottlenecks/danger zones that occur throughout the shift (including stations stocked for 24/2)?

Is Side 2 opened where appropriate?

Has the restaurant maintained the PLS projections? Is VCM in place with matching UHC levels?

Are shift targets/information communicated to all employees on shift?

Is a travel path being completed by the Shift Manager every half hour, priorities set and action taken?

Is the shift adequately staffed to handle sales rate and optimise sales?

Overall Shift Management Comments


Are all food products within their primary shelf life?

Are all food products in correct rotation and secondary shelf life times adhered to?

Is the oil quality acceptable?

Are UHc products being used in correct rotation (FIFO) and timers in place?

Are MFy procedures being executed according to standard?

Are fried product procedures being executed according to standard?

Are grill procedures being executed according to standard?

do buns/muffins have the correct toast? Are toasters set to the correct setting?

Is all equipment calibrated and working properly?

Product Quality

Was your burger/muffin/nuggets neatly assembled, at the correct temperature and taste good?
Red Meat:
White Meat:

Were your French Fries hot, salted and crisp OR Hash brown hot and crisp and did they taste good?

Was your beverage item prepared properly and did it taste good?

Was your dessert item prepared properly and did it taste good?

Were your Mccafé items neatly assembled, served at the correct temperature and taste good?
Iced Drink:

Overall Quality Comments


Front counter Times

Average Service Time Under 60 Seconds

Average Time:

Average TET Under 210 Seconds

Average Time:

Drive Thru Times

Drive Thru Service Time Under 45 (Warwick) 60 (Stanthorpe)

Average Time:

Drive Thru TET Under 210 Seconds

Average Time:

McCafe Times

McCafe Average TET Under 300 Seconds

Average Time:

MFY Times (From when the order hits the KVS Screen until the last burger of that order is place in the HLZ)

Average Side 1 Time Under 50 Seconds

Average Time:

Average Side 2 Time Under 50 Seconds

Average Time:

Service Area Key Indicators

Are service crew friendly and attentive to the customers needs? do they provide a two part greeting and farewell?

do service crew effectively communicate with the customers and react appropriately? Are they using closed questions and only repeating the order when necessary?

Is suggestive sell/up sell used where appropriate?

Are orders assembled and presented correctly with bags double folded and trays pushed towards the customer?

Are the correct food items, condiments, napkins/straws/stirrers and Happy Meal Toys being received?

Are SFS procedures being executed according to standard?

Overall Service Comments


Do all employees present a neat, clean, healthy appearance and are uniforms in good condition?

Were the toilets stocked with the floors, walls and fixtures cleaned and maintained throughout the shift?

Were the Dining Room and patio floors, walls, fixtures and tables clean? (If evaluating a Food court review customer queuing area).

Were the windows, doors, front counter fascia and condiment bar cleaned throughout the shift?

Was the outside car park, drive Thru lane and landscaping in good repair and free of debris or litter?

Are all storage areas clean and organised including floors, walls and fixtures?

Was the back sink area clean and organised?

Were the Service and Mccafé area floors, walls, ceiling, lights and fixtures clean?

Were the kitchen walls, floors, ceiling, vents and lighting clean?

Was the Kitchen & Mccafé equipment clean? Eg. Grills, UHc, Toasters, HLZ

Was the centre island surface and equipment clean and in good repair?

Was the prep table and all stainless steel surfaces clean?

Was the Drive Thru Menu board, cOd and exterior signage clean and in good repair?

Was the playland equipment and surfaces clean and in good repair?

Was the corral area clean and organised?

Overall Cleanliness Comments


Overall Percentage

Overall Feedback

Shift Manager Comments

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.