I. General information (通用要求)

  • Does verify part status prior to HT operation?

  • Are these Work Instruction referred the requirement of drawing and/or specification?

  • Is HT resource information included?

  • Is loading method included? Such as loading number, loadingfixture/method, loading TC type,number and location ……?
    是否包括装炉方法?例如装载数量, 装载夹具/方法,负载偶类型,数量及位置等?

  • Are HT cycle control parameter included? Such as loadingtemperature, heating rate, soak temperature, soak time, coolingrate/method, quench madia, quenchant temperature,atmosphere or vacuum requirement, furnace class ……)?
    是否包括热处理循环控制参数?例如装炉温度,升温速率,保温温度, 保温时间,冷却速度/方法,淬火介质, 淬火剂温度,气氛或真空要求, 炉子的等级等)?

  • Is detail acceptance plan included? Such as discolour of HTsurface, HT chart,hardness test method and limitation,mechanical property test method and limitation, test samplelocation, number and size ......?

  • Is the operation sheets/MPP/WI of HT approved by MPE or related customer?

  • Is the current WI/MPP same as FPQ? If no, are all revisedversion get GE Power approval?
    现行工艺文件是否与批准的FPQ相同?如果否,是否所有更改均得到GE Power批准?

  • Is changed sheet avaliable in MPP/WI?

  • Is the approved MPP/WI onsite during HT and with controlleddocuments' identification?

  • Does the operator and inspector have been properly trained andapproved as recommended appraisal method of supplier?

  • Are all test and inspection equipment/gage used to acceptproduct or control a process in good condition?

  • Are all equipment used to inspection, control or monitor theprocess calibrated by authorized lab?

  • Is compressed air clean to use? Is seperator available to removewater, oil and moist from compressed air? (Inclding surfacepreparation, clean and dry surface)?

  • Is there a traveler/router placed with the part? Dotravelers/routers contain part number, material information,sequence of process operation, place to record inspectionstatus, record identification of persons doing the work, recorddate operation performed …...?

  • Is there a log book management procedure in order to tracetreated part? (Including incoming log book,load/HT logbook,delivery logbook, calibration log book ……) Are there a log bookon work floor per procedure?
    是否有台帐管理程序以便能追踪至热处理的零件? (包括来件台帐、热处理/装炉台帐、周转发送台帐、仪器校验台帐 ……), 现场是否按程序设置台帐?

  • Are all record achieved in safety place??

II.Equipment control and maintenance(设备控制和维护)

  • Does each control zone have over temperature protectiony?

  • Do each control zone have at least one controlling instrumentwhich displays and controls temperature?

  • Do each control zone have a temperature recording from thecontrol thermocouple?

  • Are procedure in placed to specify the using and calibrationrequirements for control and recording thermocouples?

  • Are control and recording thermocouples calibrated perAMS2750 table 1?
    控温和记录热电偶的校准是否符合AMS2750 表1?

  • Is the calibrated temperature range of control and recordingthermocouples same as they are used?

  • Are procedure in placed to specify the calibration requirementsfor control and recording instruments?

  • Are control and recording instruments calibrated per AMS2750table 3?
    控温和记录仪表的校准是否符合AMS2750 表3?

  • Are maintenance schedules prepared with the preventive maintenance as goal?

  • Do records indicate that the inspection and maintenance havebeen performed in accordance with the schedule?

  • Do records indicate that the control of the heating environment isfollowed in according to WI/MPP?

  • Is the uniformity survey plan and internal procedure?

  • Does the plan include the size of furnace work zone, class offurnace, number and location of the thermocouples,detailedsurvey method?

  • Are the selected temperatures used for uniformity surveys at thelow and high side of nomal operating temperature ranges of thefurnace?

  • Don't the temperatures at which two adjacent surveys are runexceed 600F (335C) apart??
    是否相邻炉温均匀性测试温度间隔不超过600F (335C)?

  • Does the thermocouples used for uniformity survey meetrequirements of AMS 2750E table 1 and figure 1?
    用于炉温均匀性测试的热电偶是否符合AMS2750E 表1和图1的要求?

  • Does the instrument used for uniformity survey meetrequirements of AMS 2750E table 3?
    用于炉温均匀性测试的仪表是否符合AMS2750E 表3的要求?

  • Do the surveys take place using normal operating condition? Forexample, if fans are used during production, they shall be usedduring survey. For the vacuum furnaces, the lowest vacuum levelused during production shall be used during the survey?

  • Is funace or baths surveyed for temperature uniformity perschedule? Is it OK?

  • Is the TUS data collection started before the first furnace or TUSsensor reaches the lower tolerance limit of each testtemperature?

  • Is there a detailed system accuracy test plan or procedure?

  • Is system accuracy test conducted in each control zone of eachfurnace?

  • Is SAT thermocouple 3 inches or less away from thecontrol/working thermocouple?

  • Is SAT for control system?

  • Is SAT for recording system?

  • Does the thermocouples used for SAT meet requirements ofAMS 2750E table 1 and figure 1?
    用于系统精度测试的热电偶是否符合AMS2750E 表1和图1的要求?

  • Does the instrument used for SAT meet requirements of AMS2750E table 3?
    用于系统精度测试的仪表是否符合AMS2750E 表3的要求?

  • Is system accuracy test conducted per approval frequency? Isresult OK to meet requirement per AMS2750?

  • Is the calibrated temperature range of test thermocouples sameas they are used?

  • Is hardness testing equipment controlled?

  • Is hardness testing equipment daily verified with standardizedtest block for accuracy before first use?

  • Is a record of hardness machine verification maintained?

  • Is hardness testing conducted ASTM E10 for Brinell?

  • Is hardness testing equipment calibrated yearly?

III. HT practice ( 热处理操作)

  • Is there an incoming inspection to ensure part is ready for HTprior to heat treating? No any pending non-conformance, allprevious operation are treated properly …...?
    在热处理之前是否有来件检验,以确保零件可以进行热处理?没有待处理的不合格, 之前的操作都适当地处理…...?

  • Is part cleaned per approved WI/MPP prior to loading furnace?

  • Is furnace and instrument condition checked prior to HT?

  • Is any load thermocouples used?

  • Does the load thermocouples meet requirements of AMS 2750Etable 1 and figure 1??
    负载热电偶是否符合AMS2750E 表1和图1的要求?

  • Is there using record for load thermocouples?

  • Is the HT cycle set per approved WI/MPP? Including heatingrate, soak tempertaure, soak time?Are they recorded on HT chart/record?
    热处理循环的设定是否符合批准的操作指导书/MPP? 包括加热速率,保温温度,保温时间? 这些参数是否记录在热处理表盘/记录上?

  • Are parts loaded at set point per approved WI?

  • Are parts unloaded at the temperature per approved WI/MPP?

  • Is the all information on relative HT cycle recorded on HTtraveler/router? Including HT cycle date and time loaded, timesoaking commences, part number, load number, furnacetype/number, load/working thermocouples quenching media……?
    是否在热处理流水卡/路程单上记录了所有相应热循环的信息? 包括热处理的日期、加载时间、保温开始时间、零件号、载荷数量、炉子类型/号、载荷热电偶类型/编号、冷却介质 ......?

IV. Inspection and Lab (检验和实验室)

  • Are the treated part visually inspected for general condition, suchas color, appearance ……?

  • Do inspector check HT chart? Including load temperature,soaking temperature, soaking time, cooling time, unloadtempertature, load number, part number, vacuum level…...?

  • Do furnace temperature charts at minimum contain informationrequired by GE for each load? Such as load number, shop ordernumber of PO number, number of parts with drawing numberand/or part identification number, time parts are loaded, timesoaking cycle begins, time soaking cycle ends, furnaceidentification, date, material spec and HT process......?
    热处理温度记录/表盘是否包括GE规定的最少的信息?如载荷数量,采购订单的工作单号, 零件号, 热处理开始时间,热处理结束时间,热处理炉号, 日期, 材料规范及热处理工艺 ......?

  • Do the furnace charts indicate that time soaking is complete andmeet approved WI?

  • Do the furnace charts indicate that heating rate and cooling ratemeet approved WI?

  • Do the furnace charts indicate that HT cycle is complete andmeet approved WI?

  • Is the hardness test performed on specified area per approvedWI/MPP? Is the results recorded and made a conclusion?

  • Have all test machine been properly calibrated?

  • Is calibration status identified in testing equipment?

  • Are there detailed written testing procedures in the lab?

  • Have all tests been performed strickly per test procedures?

  • Have rejectable results been transmitted back to productionoperations??

  • Do the test report contain minimum information? Test sourceinformation, reference spec, test method,equipement/instrument, test condition, acceptance criteria, testresults, test date, reporter signature, specimen information andrepresentative parts informationm?
    试验报告是否包括必要的信息? 如试验单位信息、参考规范/标准、试验方法、试验仪器设备、试验条件、验收准则、试验结果、试验日期、报告人、试样信息及代表零件的信息?

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