Cell and test details

  • Customer

  • Customer reference

  • Cell part number

  • Cell serial number

  • Nameplate photo

  • Test technician

  • Test date

  • Repair job number

3 minute rectifier load test (125% of cell input current nominal rating)

  • L1 amps

  • L2 amps

  • L3 amps

  • Average rectifier current

Preliminary test mode

  • 1/3 DC bus volts

  • 2/3 DC bus volts

  • 3/3 DC bus volts

  • Total DC bus volts

  • Over voltage trip level (630V cell: 1066-1126VDC, 690V cell: 1160 - 1236VDC, 750V cell: 1270 - 1330VDC)

  • V_avail trip level (500 - 600Vdc)

  • Under voltage trip level (451 - 499Vdc)

  • Control power trip level (270 - 330Vdc)

IGBT blocking test

  • Input voltage to cell

  • Q1 voltage output

  • Confirm gate LED operation

  • Q2 voltage output

  • Confirm gate LED operation

  • Q3 voltage output

  • Confirm gate LED operation

  • Q4 voltage output

  • Confirm gate LED operation

  • Maximum output voltage (Vac)

Burn in mode

  • Input voltage to cell (Vac)

  • Output current (amps)

  • Out of saturation current (amps)

  • Run for >5 seconds at OOS amps.

  • Over temperature trip level (degrees C)

  • Temperature sense current (amps)

  • One cell tester temperature reading (degrees C)

  • Overall result

  • Final notes

  • Technician signature

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