Title Page

  • Document No.

  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

  • Date of assessment


  • Did the group attend and participate in the safety Briefing?

  • Did they wear a PFD where required?

  • Did they wear wetsuit and booties?

  • Did they wear high visibility vest where required?

  • Did they use dive gloves?

  • Did they where their helmet and use the visor when working near the whale?

  • Comments on OHS requirements:

  • Insert photo of OHS requirements positive or negative


  • Did the group maintain radio communication and communicate intentions and outcomes?

  • Did the group correctly use communications (radio) at all times?

  • Insert comment on radio communications if required?

Incident Assessment

  • Did the group conduct the assessment of the entanglement using pole camera (where required) and or sketch board?

  • Comment:

  • Once assessed did the group report on the entanglement scenario and safety hazards?

  • Comment:

  • Did the group describe a strategy for the Disentanglement (following the SOP) and their reasons why?

  • Comment:

  • Did the group describe the risks and appropriate mitigation measures to be utilised?

  • Comment:

  • Did the group describe and request the equipment required?

  • Comment:

  • Did the group attempt to remove the entanglement using the correct SOP?

  • Comment:

  • Photo

  • Did the group assess the whales response?

  • Comment:

  • Did the group maintain situational awareness at all times?

  • Comment:

  • Overall did the group follow the correct SOP throughout the whole operation?

  • Comment:


  • Did the group undertake the debrief with the Operations Officer?

  • Comments?

  • Did the group work as a team?

  • Comment:

  • Did the group undertake the training in a safe manner, wearing all the correct PPE and following the required OHS procedures

  • Comment?

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