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  • Mine health and Safety Audit for GKC.

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Mine Design and Maintenence

  • Is the mine constructed, designed and equipped to provide a safe and healthy working environment?

  • Is the mine equipped with a communication system in order to achieve conditions for safe operation and a healthy environment?

  • Is the mine equipped with electrical, mechanical and other equipment that contribute to achieve conditions for safe Operation and a healthy environment?

  • Is the mine managed in a manner that employees can perform their work without endangering their own health and safety or that of any other person?

  • Is there sufficient quantities of PPE available for employees and visitors?

  • Are there systems to ensure that the PPE is maintained?

  • Is there effective supervision and training to ensure that all PPE is used properly by all employees and visitors?

  • Are all mine equipment maintained at regular intervals as per the OEM specification?

  • Have you found any mine design abnormalities that indicate to you that the mine has not been designed with health and safety in mind?

  • Have all COP findings been identified and are measures specified in the Code of Practice met and implemented?

  • Does the site have any energy saving projects in place or ongoing?

  • Is the mine designed , constructed and equipped to provide a safe and healthy working environment?

Statutori Reporting

  • Can the mine provide a list of all statutory reports submitted to the MHS inspector for the past year?

  • Has the mine submitted a copy of the updated mine plan to the MHS inspector?

  • Has the mine submitted a copy of the their occupational hygiene returns to the MHS inspector?

  • Has the mine submitted their annual medical report to the medical inspector of mines?

  • Has the mine submitted their monthly labour returns?

  • Has the mine submitted their reportable accident returns?

  • Has the mine submitted their 1 -13 accident returns?

  • Are all contractors included as employees in the statutory reports?

Legal Appointments

  • Are instructions compiled by the CEO or member of the board, for the performance of the functions of every manager and any other person appointed in terms of section 4.1?

  • Does the board of directors, a member of the board or employer supervise the functions of the person appointed in terms of section 4.1 of the MHS act?

  • Is the relevant managers appointed for the mine?

  • Are all necessary statutory appointments been made?

  • Is every manager made responsible for the management and operation of the mine or a part of it?

  • Are reasonable steps taken to ensure that the functions of managers do not overlap?

  • Does each person who hold a statutory appointment have a letter or notice of appointment that clearly states their duties and responsibilities and areas for which they are responsible?

  • Has each person who holds a statutory legal appointment acknowledge their appointments and is fully conversant with their duties and responsibilities?

  • Has the size of the organization, supervision requirements and other logistical issues been taken into account when deciding the number of appointments to ensure effective management?

Safety Risk Management

  • Has the employer identified and recorded the source of hazards and significant risks to safety to which employees may be exposed while at work?

  • Are records kept of the sources of hazards and risks identified?

  • Have all significant risks been addressed by the employer?

  • Does the employer periodically review the hazards and risks that had been recorded to determine whether further elimination, control and minimization are possible?

  • Does the employer conduct an investigation into every accident that must be reported in terms of the MHSA?

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

  • Has the health and Safety policy been developed and signed by the employer?

  • Does the document describe the organization of work?

  • Did the employer consult with the HS committee on the compilation of the document?

  • Does the employer display a copy of the document prominently and conspicuously?

  • Is the document available for employees?

OHS Training

  • Does the employer have access to accredited training programs for their employees?

  • Does the employer have competent staff to deliver all training programs?

  • Are employees trained and periodically retrained to ensure that they are capable to competently perform their duties safely?

  • Have employees received training regarding HIRA and reporting procedures?

  • Have employees received specific training in the use and care of PPE?

  • Have employees received training regarding the workplace safety policy, the MHSA and regulations pertaining to the specific workplace?

  • Are the training and capabilities in respect of the health and safety of employees recorded?

  • Is every employee properly trained in the relevant emergency procedures?

  • Is first aiders and fire fighters trained and training provided for?

Health and Safety Representatives and Committees

  • Is the HSE rep present for each shift at every designated working place where employees work or travel in a mine that employs 20 or more employees?

  • Are HSE reps informed that they do not incur any civil liability only because of doing or failing to do something, which a HSE rep may do or is required to do in terms of the MHSA?

  • Are the HSE reps aware of the procedures to excursive the right to withdraw from dangerous working places?

  • Have the health and safety reps received any specific training to assist them to carry out their functions?

  • Do the members of the health and safety Committee fully understand their rights and powers as per section 36 of the MHSA?

  • Are all health and safety reps provided with first aid training?

Mine Explosives Control

  • Is there a system or procedure in place to prevent persons not authorized to gain access to explosives, from being in possession of explosives, or removing or attempting explosives from the mine?

  • Are the correct amount of explosives delivered to the mine by the manufacturer as per the invoice or order note?

  • Is there a procedure in place to ensure that explosives correctly received, stored, transported and destroys safely?

  • Are explosive manufactured in accordance with the written procedure?

  • Does the blaster have an explosive control book and is it filled in correctly?

  • Are the blaster records of explosives usage balancing?

  • Are the copies of the blasters explosives control book available for the preceding 3 years?<br>

  • From the mine visit, have you found any working place where the control of explosives, inventory control or any other aspects of handling of explosives lacking?

Public Health and Safety

  • Does the mine have a register of complaints for members of the surrounding communities ?

  • Has the mine fully resolved each complaint?

  • Does the mine risk assessments indicate public health and safety risks?

  • Does the mine have a program in place to control all risks to the members of the public emanating from the mine site?

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  • GKC Safety Officer:

  • Site Safety Officer

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  • GKC manager:

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