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Environmental Hygiene

  • Are floors clean, free of rubbish, debris and pooling water?

  • Are drains covered, unblocked, free from odour and cleaned?

  • Are walls and ledges clean?

  • Are ceiling light covers, ceiling and vents clean and undamaged?

  • Is all rubbish cleared away or in appropriate places?

  • Is production equipment/environment clean? Eg. No areas of product build up and clear/clean of previous product.

  • If footbaths are present, do they appear clean and tidy?

  • Are all hand wash stations clean and all soap/sanitiser/paper towel dispensers replenished?

Production Operations

  • Are all logsheets being filled in correctly?

  • Is the area free from any pieces of equipment or machinery that are unsafe or that may cause an OHS or food safety risk? Eg damaged or dirty?

  • Are all perishable solutions and agents within the use by date?

Cleaning Equipment

  • Are all hoses clean, hung up (if not in use) and in good repair (not split, cracked or frayed)?

  • Has all cleaning equipment been stored in the appropriate place, in a clean and undamaged condition and according to the colour coding policy?

Chemical Control

  • Have all cleaning chemicals been stored away in the appropriate areas? Including drums and spray bottles?

  • Are all chemicals labelled, correctly identifying the chemical? Including pallecons, drums and spray bottles.

Foreign Matter Control

  • Is the production area free of all loose /damaged equipment that could become a foreign matter risk? Eg. Nuts, bolts, washers, welds, paint chips and metal filings.

  • Are all knives/stanley knives/box cutters/safety blades stored in the correct areas and in good condition?

  • Are all pens/small utensils stored correctly and accounted for?

  • Is the production area free of all personal items? Eg. Pencil cases, medication, food, drinks etc.

  • Is the production area free of any temporary repairs with materials such as Sellotape/sticky tape/string/cardboard etc?

  • Are all Perspex guards, equipment and hoods undamaged?

Clothing and PPE

  • Are all personnel wearing clean and tidy uniforms and footwear?

  • Are change room and locker rooms maintained in a clean and orderly manner?

  • Are building fabrications well maintained and in good order?

  • Are footwear and uniforms clean and well maintained in the change room areas?

  • Are hairnets, beard masks and hearing protection replenished?

  • Are all doors in good working order and closed when not in use eg entry, roller and exits

  • No un-used equipment, pipes, cables, brackets or switches are found in the production area.

  • Is idle equipment and tools stored correctly, clean and in a good condition?

Staff facilities

  • Is the staff fridge clean and odourless?

  • Is the temperature of the staff fridge below 5'c ? <br>Please provide a photo of the probe reading

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