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  • What area will this person(s) be working?

  • If working in Hotfill or Coldfill have the person(s) been trained on the sites labelling and packing process.

Site Induction For Agency Staff HS023 v6


  • Upon arrival all agency staff must sign in on the following document:

  • • Timesheet located in the canteen (at start of shift and end of shift)

  • Fire alarm testing is scheduled on Wednesdays around midday.

  • Drug and Alcohol testing will occur on a random basis. Strictly no drugs or alcohol are to be consumed onsite or anyone to enter the premises under the influence.

  • Have you received a copy of Document number PD99 (temporary worker production labelling and packing process)


  • Entrance to site for pedestrians is through the pedestrian gate

  • No Nuts or food containing nuts are allowed on site

  • A ‘Clean as you Go’ policy is in place across site

  • No mobile phones during working times

  • Smoking (including electronic cigarettes) is permitted only in the smoking shelter and only during break times

  • Eating, drinking and the chewing of gum is only allowed in the canteen

  • High Vis Clothing and Safety Footwear to be worn on the Yard and Warehouse areas

  • Hairnets, ear plugs, bump cups, protective footwear and beard snoods (more than two day’s growth of facial hair) must be worn in production areas

  • Pedestrian walkways must be used

  • Speed limit of 5 MPH for all vehicles

  • Parking is only permitted in designated spaces (not on walkways or in the yard)

  • Cyclists must dismount and walk with their bicycle through the pedestrian gate upon entering site.


  • Any symptoms of sickness, diarrhoea or infectious disease within the past 48 hours are to be reported to your Supervisor before entering production areas

  • Hand-washing shall be performed upon each entry to the production area(s) and after using the toilet, eating, drinking, sneezing, coughing or any activity that could potentially be a risk to products

  • Eating and drinking in production areas is prohibited

  • No watches or jewellery shall be worn, with the exception of a plain wedding ring, Sikh plain bangle or one piece medical bangle

  • Rings and studs in exposed parts of the body, such as ears, noses, tongues, and eyebrows, shall not be worn

  • Fingernails shall be kept short, clean, and unvarnished. False fingernails are not permitted.

  • Excessive perfume, make up or aftershave shall not be worn.

  • Cuts and grazes on exposed skin must be covered by a company-issued blue metal-detectable plaster.

  • Personal medicines must not be taken into production areas. In exceptional circumstances items such as inhalers, etc. may be permitted to be carried beneath the protective clothing in operator’s pockets, but must not be used in proximity to product.

  • Personal items (e.g. keys, personal mobile phones and coins) must not be carried on the person and be taken into production


  • I have been made aware of the following facilities:

  • • Toilets

  • • Locker Room

  • • Canteen

  • • Smoking Shelter


  • I have been advised of the risks present in the area of work and understand the control measures and precautions I need to take. I also know where to find copies of the risk assessments for future reference


  • I have been advised of the emergency procedures in place and understand the procedures that I must comply with in the event of an evacuation.


  • I have received the company Fork Lift Truck Driver Site Rules if applicable and understand the procedures involved


  • I have received the Hygiene & Employee GMP Rules WI061 and understand the procedure that I must comply with during working on site.


  • In order to prevent Food-borne Illnesses and Disease you MUST report any incidents of sickness or illness to your Site Contact.

  • Have you in the last 7 days experienced the following:

  • • Diarrhoea or Vomiting?

  • • Stomach pain, nausea or fever?

  • • Skin Infection or rashes on the hands, arms or face?

  • • Jaundice or Yellowing of the skin?

  • • Skin, ear or throat infection?

  • • Are you a carrier of any type of Salmonella?

  • • Have you had any contact with someone who has any of the above symptoms?

  • If you answer YES to any of these questions please inform your Site Contact BEFORE entering any production or storage areas.

  • If the answer is NO to ALL of these questions please sign to confirm. If at any point during your time working with Purity Soft Drinks Ltd please report any of the above illnesses or symptoms to your line manager prior to entering production areas.

  • Photograph

  • Agency worker signature

  • Person conducting Site Induction


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