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Site Documentation

  • 1. Current version of FPP is on site?

  • 2. Current version of EMS is on site?

  • 3. Current version of Permit is on site?

  • 4. Is waste transfer documentation correct? e.g. duty of care, consignment notes, EA returns

Fire Prevention

  • 5. Are 6m fire breaks in place?

  • 6. Fire Walls are in place & good condition?

  • 7. 1m Freeboard around bay walls maintained ?

  • 8. Are stockpile sizes in accordance with FPP & guidance. e.g. 4m high, 20m long, 750m3?

  • 9. Is/Are Quarantine Area(s) in place and clear of obstruction?

  • 10. Is site perimeter secure and gates/walls/fences in good condition?

  • 11. Are CCTV and alarms present and working?

  • 12. Are containment equipment for fire water present (HydroSnakes/ Watergate Barrier/ FloodSax etc

  • 13. Are Fire Extinguishers present and in good condition?

  • 14. Thermal Monitoring - being done and records available?

  • 15. Are spill kits available on site with instructions for use and operators trained in their use/application?

  • 16. Is the site free of evidence of any spills/leakages?

  • 17. Evidence of smoking or naked flames on site?

Environmental Management System

  • 18. Is site surfacing in good condition? Cracks in concrete? Puddling on surface?

  • 19. Are drains installed as per drainage plan, in good condition and free flowing?

  • 20. Litter - is the site free of accumulations of litter on or off site?

  • 21. Dust - is the site free of any evidence of dust? Airborne or accumulations?

  • 22. Odour - any evidence of odour?

  • 23. Noise - any evidence of excessive noise?

  • 24. Mud on site or surrounding roads - any accumulations or staining?

  • 25. Vermin - any issues with pests?

  • 26. Evidence of unreported incidents - environmental (spills, emissions, noise, impact on native vegetation or wildlife habitat), property damage or personnel injury?

Site and Facilities

  • 27. Site layout effective & allow effective access & egress to site & work zones?

  • 28. Site signage appropriate - visible, accurate?

  • 29. Vehicle/plant operations, including parking arrangements for plant / equipment, segregation of pedestrians effective?

  • Other Observations?

  • Signature of person inspecting

  • Signature of supervisor on site

  • Signature of HSE Advisor on site


  • Records of training - FPP, toolbox talks, induction

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