• Take photo of site prior to work commencing

Weather Hazards

  • Does the weather present a danger if skin is to be installed?

  • Recommendation

Billboard/Workplace Hazards

  • Do you consider that the workplace is safe to work on and from?

  • Contact your supervisor immediately

  • Can skin/equipment be transported to the site safely?

Electrical Hazards

  • (controls may include but not be limited to any of the following or a combination of reducing tracking lengths, work away from the power, fixed tracking, power downs, spotters)

  • Have all overhead power line hazards been identified?

  • Are there any other electrical hazards

  • Has something been done to eliminate these?

  • What has been done to eliminate these?

  • Where is the live power located?

  • How close are the electrical overhead wires to the Billboard (metres)?

  • What is the voltage of these wires (kV)?

  • What is the authorised safe approach distance (metres)?

  • Has the power to the light box been turned off?

  • Where is the switch?

  • Who is responsible for turning the power off?

Access Hazards

  • Is access to the site considered as safe?

  • Where do you park the truck?

  • Is it safe for you/the public

Height Hazards

  • Are you tying off the ladder?

  • If tying off the ladder where and how do you do it?

  • Can you place the ladder on even ground and secure?

  • Do you use fall protection devices?

  • Are there permanent anchor hooks OR static lines in the billboards?

  • Have these fixtures been considered safe for use?

  • Has everyone read and understand the Work Method Statement for this site?

  • What style sign is this?




  • What Street and Suburb are you in?

  • Nearest Cross Street?

  • Track Marker?

  • Full Name

  • Add signature

  • Full Name

  • Add signature

  • Photo of completed install

  • Select date

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