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  • Is everybody wearing hi-vis vests?

  • Is eye protection being worn where appliable?

  • Is breathing apparatus being used where applicable ?

  • Are safety boots being worn on site by all personnel?

  • Are hard hats being worn by all personnel?

  • Is hand protection being worn where appliable?

  • Are those using machinery or loud equipment wearing hearing protection?


  • Is there protection from the elements? (Wind, sun, rain)

  • Is there fencing protecting the public from entering the worksite? Is it adequate?

  • Is the silt fencing in good condition?

  • Is the run off protection/sediment control adequate?

  • Is noise an issue for the workers or the adjacent houses?

  • If a spill kit is on site, are its contents sufficient to bund a spill?


  • Is there a TMP in place? (Where applicable)

  • After reviewing the TMP, is the set up in alignment with the layout on the TMP?

  • Is there traffic control in place for safe vehicle movement?

  • Is there safe pedestrian access around the perimeter of the site?

  • Are the traffic signs and cones adequate for everybody‚Äôs safety?

  • Are water filled barriers being used? If so, are they filled with water?

  • Where an STMS is in place, what communication methods are in place?

Site Specific Safety

  • Is a live SSSP on site?

  • Has everybody signed onto it having acknowledged they have read it?

  • Are all subcontractors signed onto the SSSP?

  • What is the induction process? Has everybody on site been inducted?

  • Are all SDS sheets current and associated to all hazardous substances on site?

  • Is the hazard board up to date with all applicable hazards listed?

  • Is there evidence of site meetings and toolbox talks?

  • Is there a person in charge on site? (Site foreman, PM)

  • Are regular site inspections taking place?

  • Is there a First Aid kit available?

  • Is there a charged current fire extinguisher on site?

  • Is there a clear process for reporting incidents or accidents?

  • Is there an emergency procedure in place?

  • Is there a safety net register?

  • Is the emergency assembly point clearly stated on either signage or documentation?

Hazardous substances

  • Are all containers labelled clearly with lids on?

  • Are all hazardous substances bunded correctly?

  • Is there a hazardous works notification register?

Electrical Safety

  • Are all leads tested and tagged?

  • Does the builders temporary power supply have a Certificate of Verification?

  • Are all powerboxes commercial rated? (no plug boss?)

Site safety

  • Is the site clear from slips trips and fall hazards

  • Do all rebar have post caps on them?

  • Are all those working at heights using harness correctly?

  • Is all scaffolding in good condition and tagged?

  • Are kickboards in place?

  • Can any persons fall from one level to another and come to harm?

  • Are all ladders certified for commercial use only?

  • Are ladders being used for access only?

Trenching and excavations

  • Are there trenches on site that require appropriate edge protection?

  • Is edge protection in place? (Comment on what is in place?)

  • Are there further controls required to make the trench safer? (List them)

  • If a trench shield is in use, what is the safe means of access/egress to ensure collapse is mitigated? Is it safe?

  • Is everybody working safely and in accordance with the ACOP for excavation and trenching?

  • Does the excavator have WOF/ROPS/FOPS/TOPS?

  • Are anti-burst valves in place for excavators over 7T? (WorkSafe requirement 1-1-2016)

  • Are there handrails on machines over 7T?

  • Is the operator competent and trained to use the equipment?

  • Are the chains and rigging in good order? (Not thrown on the ground)

  • Has a daily prestart checklist been undertaken on the machine/s?

  • Is the appropriate quick hitch in place on the machine? (In accordance with regulations ie secondary pin)

  • Is there a fire extinguisher located on the machine?

Hygiene and site conditions

  • Is the site unhygienic. Food scraps, rubbish, general dirty upon first look?

  • Is there a place for workers to eat and wash their hands?

  • Are there portaloos provided on site?

Asbestos and other contaminant controls

  • Is there an ARCP in place as a reference to the COC?

  • Is an Asbestos Management Plan required in accordance with 2016 Regs?

  • Is the methodology being followed?

  • Is there a Licenced Asbestos Removalist with a Certificate of Competence undertaking the work?

  • Is the appropriate PPE/RPE being worn for the tasks being undertaken?

  • Are the contaminants being appropriately stored in 250micron polythene where applicable?

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